Discussion; Dark skin Characters portrayed


Haha when I do CC in stories and have a white family (like okay cool, lemme just play along :joy::joy:).


^^^ this.


We were randomly adopted into tht family x3


Lmao exactly :joy::joy::joy: (it trips me out for a bit then I am like k I am adopted, I see).


If there are any black characters in a story, they’re sometimes wearing something crazy or have like pink hair. they’re always sassy and speak funny. Or they dont even have lines and theyre just standing there in the background as a default character and that way they can say they have some sort of diversity


That’s what I tell myself as well. Thought I was the only one.


Ugh forced diversity :expressionless::expressionless: Just have no diversity whatsoever if one is just going to perpetuate stereotypes.




It bugs me on another level - or when people try to come across as an “open minded and tolerant” individual but rather looks like an asshole -_-


I know. Alright, I’m black and sassy kinda…but not everyone is. I have a black friend who is really shy and wouldn’t show any sass


Exactly, don’t generalise!


oOps never replied to this.

But, I don’t get why.
Canada is a country of immgrants. So…
It’s not like he said China doesn’t have many black people, I would get that—that would make sense to me.

I know many mixed people.
One of them being my mother.

oOf I lowkey wanna be in your class now lol




XD yeah oOf


I didn’t expect to be quoted but I feel ICONIC


Maybe cause you really are ICONIC.


No way.


Yeah way.


oof that’s smooth.
that’s really smooth.

uh well Faith is my middle name and my dad was born and raised in Nigeria so we’re like basically the same person which means your basically a Queen and you’re definitely ICONIC.


Keep on topic, please.