Discussion; Dark skin Characters portrayed


tbh it is the authors decision/choice whether they want to add dark skin tones characters to their story or not. Just saying though.


but all i know, is that i will be adding dark skin tones to my story.


Yeah, it is a choice to add them. But continuously ignoring them and not representing them in none of your stories can raise some eyebrows. :woman_shrugging:t5:


speaking of dark skin tones, i have 2 or maybe 3 dark skins in my fantasy story and their roles are werewolf lol


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I hate it when people make excuses for not adding dark skinned characters. Like, there shouldn’t be no excuse.


no excuse at all.





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It’s the audacity some people have to constantly make excuses and use them as an explanation to why they don’t add dark skinned characters. It’s just offensive. Just straight up offensive. Just because it’s an art style doesn’t mean anything. You can perfectly see dark skinned characters features:


I know. It saddens me. It has to always be about the pretty blonde with blue eyes. If there is a dark skinned character, they’re there just as a background character - they have no relevance to the story whatsoever! Yes, usually the best friend is a sassy black girl. I barely ever see (on the non-customisable stories) a black MC. They always have light skin!


Fr! I might be light-skinned but it’s so annoying to see them constantly portrayed as black people! Like, give the dark skins some love!


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I don’t care if they give them pink lips, black people in real life, including me, have a dark ring around their lips and in the ring is a pinkish color on the lips naturally. I thought I was the only one that had it; when I looked at other YouTubers with it, I knew that I wasn’t the only one. I hope that they include this in Episode. Lipstick is probably why they have light lips, not every lip color that is given to a character is their natural color – I used to think like that – And I might still do. :confused: Well, sometimes. The problem I have is not with lip color – it’s the black character’s personalities that they give them that makes me disheartened. When I see a dark character portrayed, sometimes they’re whores, thugs, or evil.
Moreover, they said that it couldn’t happen because of the coloring, sometimes with outlines but it can work if I have a dark character and remember to do this. If I have a character with black skin, I make the outlines gray so that the character’s facial expressions can show. You can give them blush, a different colored one, black people, blush, it’s just red sometimes. Alternatively, you can’t see it. Alternatively, you put in a filler color so that people can see it or outlines around the blush. They can show these guys but they don’t because of : they don’t think to do it, they do what they see others do and don’t think on the broader scale, or they don’t want to, doesn’t mean that all are racist that don’t want to, but some are and are too colorist to do it. It’s hateful dark-skinned characters get the boot when it comes to casting – I want a dark-skinned character to get a lead role, be good in a story instead of a bad person like they make them out to be.
Even in other countries, they see dark skin as ugly or cursed or all of the above. It’s incredibly stupid. I sometimes wonder why this is, why is it dark people who get the boot? Is it a classic case of bad culture spread and I will call it a BAD CULTURE no matter WHAT you guys say because any culture, I don’t care who it is, that promotes evil and wrongdoing is a bad culture! What if in certain countries that were taken over by white people, it isn’t white people but it may be the influence of the British culture back then to do this because they weren’t families to dark skin all the time, that they discriminate against black people and their dark skin tone more, What if, a long time ago, white people thought that anyone that wasn’t like them or was forced or not their race were lesser and that if they are lesser, they should mistreat them, now I’mma say this, God is better than everyone. He has stated – that he can do whatever he wants, BUT has he just…done things? God hated Esau, and God could’ve killed him, and he stated that he could do what he wanted but didn’t. Since he’s better, why doesn’t he treat us like crap? Why doesn’t he kill us, just use us however he pleases? Because we are worth being treated like people. Why harm us? Because he’s better? God doesn’t work like that; He works to help us out, they believed that they were better and smarter, God is too, and they claimed to be Christians. If God didn’t do it the way they did, why should they? What gives them the right? They aren’t better than us, and we are all equal, I’m just saying; because you’re “Better” you think you can hurt us? That statement alone makes you lesser. I hate how people say that “I’m better than you, so I can treat you how I like.” Like they are God, they aren’t, and God doesn’t even mistreat us. It’s insane anyway; they think they’re better because of things that they do? How they hold their pinkie when drinking tea, or how they wear their clothes? These are really delusional people to think that makes them better than others, they went to other places and saw tons of sin going on, so instead of teaching them the right way they treat them awfully, not bringing souls to God but pushing him away them by their resentment of Christianity due to what the oppressors have told them about it, never let somebody that means you harm, and you know it teaches you Christianity, and they know whom they’re teaching, they don’t mean you well, they mean themselves well… They want you in their grasps and not in the gentle hands of God. They don’t want you to be saved by God, they want you to be harmed by them. They want to hurt you, God wants to save you. No true Christian wants to harm others for such trivial reasons and enjoy harming others. They seem more like Narcs than Christians, probably because they are. They want to teach have of Christianity – the half that benefits them and because they aren’t true Christians, they change the words and tell you a distorted version of the Christ and the bible. This shows how Christian they are – as this will not bring souls to God, because they definitely aren’t going to use verses from the bible that benefit you and not them – like a narc parent. If they want you to believe that their “Discipline” is right, they’ll say “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” but “forget” to tell you about the lesser known verse I’ve heard of - “Do not provoke your child to wrath” which means treat them kindly “Raise your children in the love and admiration of the lord” – They aren’t treating their child right, so they don’t want them to know. IT amazing that they even give the child a bible because it’s in there they don’t want the kid to bring it up or believe it. They do this to benefit their wants and so-called “needs.” and by doing this, the people who are being maltreated leave the religion that they believe is the cause of their problems and live a freer life when in reality God doesn’t want you to make others suffer, the people that wanted to make others suffer did. It doesn’t benefit God, it benefits them, and because they aren’t real Christians they don’t care if their actions hurt God or if he is going through heartbreak over it, they care about themselves. They don’t even think about God, only in prayer, when they want or need, or it is for traditions. They go to church because it tradition or socially acceptable, not because God wants them to. They are enemies of God, by doing what hurts him the most. They don’t truly love him or mostly even care about him. They just want the good looks of “being” a Christian. Listening to someone about Christianity about “What you should do” without being given valid proof of what you should do, especially if they are trying to hide the words of the good book (The Bible) from you, they are most likely going to lie you about the bible and not tell you. I’m done. Back on our first note, they can and should include darker skinned people, they just won’t or don’t.I want to put dark-skinned people in my stories. Moreover, if you’re a writer whose upset about this, do it too. Because if you’re not trying to fix the problem, you are part of it.


All men are created equal, endowed by God with unalienable rights, speaks for all humanity. I agree.

However, your point doesn’t always apply to all people. Some people don’t believe in God, and a lot of people aren’t Christian. You shouldn’t treat people like they are equals because it is a Christian thing to do. It is a Christian thing to do, and it is what people should do, but the reason why is universally agreed upon that it is because it is the right thing to do. It’s the accurate thing to do, to treat people like you don’t know them and that they’re likely equal to you, because they are. XDXD

There should be a variety of all people that are all different with different skin tones. There should be dark-skinned characters across the whole of Episode that are all different to each other. I think this is accomplished okay, but it definitely isn’t well-known enough because it isn’t done nearly as much.

Not even in like one story, but across all the stories, ESPECIALLY done by Episode itself, the dark-skinned characters should all be different to each other, not recycled over and over again through each story. I think I’ve seen this, though I don’t read a lot of Episode’s stories. The ones I have read, they recycle a lot of things, including character personalities.


Okay but since we’re talking about christians is it too much to ask to have ONE story with an lgbtq+ christian or a christian supporting lgbtq+ rights instead of the usual homophobe? :roll_eyes:

And I totally agree. We need to have more poc in episode stories. Honestly, it’s a problem. Their whole diversity thing is making 1 story about a spanish chick with a stereotypical spanish name who speaks spanish. No info about where she comes from.

Honestly they should feature small authors with diversity.


I would love to see an LGBTQ Christian in a story! I’m a bisexual Catholic myself. It would be refreshing to see a non-closeted LGBTQ Christian who is an activist for gay rights on their own Christian terms.

It would also be nice if the story wasn’t about breaking away from a homophobic religious community for once. Like, sure those stories need to exist and things like that definitely happen, but there are also communities that accept gay people with no problems. Where are they represented?