[Discussion] Déjà-vu and other strange experiences

Better watch out :pleading_face: Omg Idk why but this reminds me so much of Life is strange :joy: Spoiler Alert to the Game‘s story Max is actually day dreaming too and the teacher then asks her a question and in reality the teacher is the one responsible for the missing of a girl named Rachel. And she gets kidnapped too and tied to a chair in a white/grayish room, because that dude has some weird psycho trait that he drugs students and then takes photos of them while they are high and helpless I know that this story is totally a plot twist drama but it is actually great and very emotional.

I have visions like a thousand times Not joking
I started having visions when i was 6 years
And i also know why
My aunt told me a real scary story that a woman went to the church and when she was coming from the chruch she saw a kid sitting near garden that she saw in her same dream
This really give me creeps

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