DISCUSSION: Dirty Dancing Contest


I don’t want to give anything away, but I figured out a way to do this. I only have one chapter done right now but you were helpful in proofing To Love and be Loved and I’d love to have your eyes again.


I’d love to help you again if you’d like me to help.


Ksjxhzksk I was planning this as well


Like Amy Purdy on Dancing with the Stars (USA).

She has two prostetic legs and almost won.


That’s cool! I’ve watched that show before. I may have seen her dance. I have to check YouTube.


Should I publish the first 3 chapters of my story as soon as I’m happy with them, or should I wait until a little closer to the deadline? What do you guys think?


Publish right before deadline


Okay thanks :blush:


Does anyone know if i can carry on uploading chapters for this story, even though I’ve already published?


Yes, you can


Hey guys! Please check out my submission for Dirty Dancing Competition!
Check it out and share your thoughts with me!!!



I’ve literally added several DD entries in my Favourites, just to support the authors and a lot of them pretty awesome so far!