DISCUSSION: Dislikes/Likes in a story

@melaniesmall and I are writing a story together and I wanted to see your opinions.

What should I avoid while making the story?

What do you DISLIKE and LIKE in a story?


This is a pretty good thread that shows what some people like and dislike in stories.

Thank you, I’ll check it out!

I don’t like stories that end with the LI having kids, I don’t know why. I like when it just ends with marriage, no jumping to the future to see your future kids.


-Normalizing bad behavior in guys and letting the mc be okay with it
-lack of character development (it really ruins the story)
-a overused plot idea (I like creativity and unique stories!)
-weak intros, if your intro doesn’t entertain me away I’m not going to Go on
-plot holes (don’t leave me hanging!)
-strong character development
-enjoyable characters
-a good intro (this is important to me)
-ideas that are refreshing and aren’t common
-even in a fully serious story a little joke makes it enjoyable (that’s just me tho)
-the plot is detailed and through


There is a ”common” plot that I’m doing but I’m putting plot twists. Do you think that’s okay?


I agree. I dislike ending that have the MC having children and marriage and all that stuff. Whilst I’m happy I’ve gotten a happy ending, there’s more to life than poofing babies and marriage. Like career wise and stuff. I also dislike golden boys more than bad boys, like ew. I also hate mafia stories. I haven’t seen an actual good mafia story, because most of what I’ve seen are stories that involve the MC getting kidnapped by a mafia gang member, and he abuses her and she finds it hot? I’m sorry, what? And then she “changes him”. No, just no. I don’t mind mafia stories, but I hate the one glamorising abuse. And what girl finds it hot to be abused, verbally, and mentally, along with him shooting down any man who breathes the same air as you? Hunny, when a guy tries to stop you from talking to anyone but him, and abuses you constantly and makes you seem like the bad guy, that my love, is what we call manipulation. I also dislike a lot of grammar errors, like that’s one of my pet peeves. I understand if English isn’t your main language, and you’re trying, but please, just get a proofreader or a beta tester. I don’t care how good a story is, I will click off if there are many grammar errors.

I also dislike most of the romance section’s stories lmaoo. Most of it is just billionaire, bad boy, vampire or mafia stories. I don’t mind them, it’s just that I’ve seen it 100 times now, just come up with something original at least, or spin a twist to it. And don’t get me started on the teacher relationship one’s. I wouldn’t mind if both of the people are at the legal age, and the age gap isn’t too big. But the high school ones? They can just straight up go to hell. Same with the fantasy stories. The vampire and wolf pack stuff can just
F U C K O F F.

I think the only refreshing fantasy stories I’ve read in a while are TSLOF and the ruby tiara.

Any story that includes “Pregnant by…” makes me want to throw my phone away and recycle it only to revive it to stomp on it constantly. Weak intros also make me squint, but I don’t mind them as much.

Ok phew, we’ve gotten that out the way! Now onto the positive.


I love a good character development. For example, Cody Blake’s one. It can be negative one’s too. As long as it makes sense and has an impact in the story. Not just for “rAnDoM pLoT tWist”. Also, at least make the story light hearted, like add something to make me chuckle a bit. Plus, I want to be aware of the plot a bit. I also LOVE great intros. Those tune me into the story.

Edit: Just a note, if you’re going to add an antagonist, please don’t make them the same blonde b1tches I see in like very high school story that bullies the mc because “she’s so pretty and only i’m allowed to be pretty and popularr and my manzz likes herr”. Give them an actual reason to give the mc a hard time. And if you’re going to make them the stereotypical bully, atleast make it effect the plot. Also, I absolutely hate "the gay predator best friend’. I don’t have a problem with characters that are gay who are the best friends in the story, but I hate authors who portray them as loud "YASS KWEEN’ karens who serve no purpose to the plot, or who is there for no reason only to assist the mc in her outfits. Not all gay people are loud, not all gay people want to get laid, and not all gay people are party animals, who wear pink bling. It’s unfair to people who are gay in real life that they’re only being portrayed as predatory loud people, who have no personality and are only props to the MC. Same with the asian, hispanic and African stereotypes. Not all africans like black panther and live in huts, not all asian people are smart and have strict parents who won’t let them breathe wearing shorts and not all hispanic people are sex beasts who want, think, and breathe the thoughts of having sex every 5 seconds.
Ok there, Ima breathe now.


Depending on the plot twist it can two ways
Some people enjoy this I personally do not, if I can already imagine who done it’s not going to leave that wow impact on the reader
This can leave the reader drooling wondering what the heck? No way them??
this is like a bait hook mid way it keeps the reader wanting more


Lol, I’m not doing any of those plots, I wanted the reader to discover three endings and there is a message in the story about loving yourself. Yes, I speak English and I know someone who can proofread @melaniesmall and I stories.

I’m kinda bad at that but I’m trying to make the MC realistic.


I would give them flaws, and make them improve throughout the story.


Some tips to make a character more realistic

  • not everything is black and white, and in the gray area to the character. Like if your character is a kind person doesn’t see it force them into a situation where they make a mean decision and they grow from it
    -more realistic dialogue, a way I help myself do this is call up some friends and read from what I wrote but instead of directly reading allow them to reword or speak freely with the story, write down what they say. This can give your dialogue a much more human feel.
    -basing it off a real person and ask them the what/ifs it seems so simple but helps A LOT
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Well, I think if it’s sorta predictable it helps because it’s more realistic. If something is totally unpredictable and you would have never seen it coming maybe it’s too far of a stretch and isn’t realistic.


I most definitely agree!
It needs to be unpredictable and realistic it’s a hard balance but can make a masterpiece


I think I know what you’re talking about :thinking:

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Oh, I wasn’t talking about anything In particular. :sweat_smile:

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I really dislike toxic relationships, i think that’s my main dislike, if i ever read a story and there’s just a hint of toxicity in a relationship i’ll stop reading it.

And i really like well developed character with diverse personalities, you often see similar personalities in characters in every story so i really like when a character is different.


Hi! :slight_smile: If you don’t mind, can I ask some examples of what you find toxic?


I don’t like when there is more tha 1 love insterest.


Why don’t u like more than 1 love interest!

I have only 2 and the MC herself