DISCUSSION: Diversity Abuse

Yeah, I understand what you’re saying… The problem mostly is that @Mamialyssa isn’t explaining what this is for, so I agree.
Thanks for telling me.

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Interesting I was flagged and others were too. How can someone stay on the topic if the LOCA doesn’t make sense? :thinking:

You’re right @Jeremy


Keep on bumping this thread by replying to it and it will never get closed/archived. #justsayin


He’s right don’t respond.

If it looked like so many others, wouldn’t it be closed as other threads have been for being similar? :thinking::thinking: Additionally, people saying that this is a troll post which it is clearly is; for you to them lump other diversity threads with it… It explains a lot about the value of diversity around here.


So what’s the next step now that the OP has bumped this up so that it can’t be closed? Is it clear yet that this was meant to troll the community?


@jazz and @Clover-Ross and everyone else, we should all comment on this thread and make it reach the max number of replies so it closes #wearepowerful :wink:

Kidding, i’m kidding, please no one get offended, it was just a joke :joy:


Oh like start a bunch of arguments on the thread so that it gets flagged and the the moderators eventually close the thread? That’s a genius idea. Everybody argue!

Kidding. Kinda :thinking:


Yall should just ignore the thread, acknowledging it is what she (the OP/Troll) wants you to do :woman_shrugging:t4:

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I actually love these ideas… @Clover-Ross & @JemU776 :smirk::rofl:


Well we did that and the OP bumped it to avoid it getting closed. It’s clear they want attention but if the moderator sees it and doesn’t care that this is going to be an obvious pattern :woman_shrugging:t4:


We aren’t doing it now

Meh… I seriously don’t understand why this thread is still open. Am I the only one here that’s confused? :woman_shrugging:t4:


Let’s start then. @Clover-Ross like your idea. :joy:


what the actual hell is this original post even trying to say :skull: joke or not, one of the most… ugh topics i’ve seen.


She’s saying diversity might be overused and in a bad way. Possibly.

I’d say calm down, but who would listen to me?


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It’s actually very simple. Now that the Op has proven that they are trolling the thread will be closed. Nothing to it really. Has nothing to do with “the moderator seeing it and not caring”. Ya’ll do realize that we need sleep and don’t moderate 24/7 right? As soon as I clocked into my shift I saw this, notated that the Op replied, confirmed a troll and am now closing the thread. Thanks.


Closed as we have given the Op time to reply (as we should), the Op responded just to bump it demonstrating that they are a troll. Once a member of the forum staff showed up for their shift they saw this, notated it and acted accordingly. Now the thread is closed, thanks all.