DISCUSSION: Diversity Episode

Ok so I Know a lot of ppl would hate me for saying this but I just think that some people freak out so much just bcuz the trending page is full of white ppl it’s not a big deal. I think if You Want more diversity then may be make a diversity story for yourself. And btw sorry for my English but this is just my idea


Maybe you should read through these threads and you might see why people feel the way they do about this particular subject.


OK I read but I still don’t find nothing a big deal. So what just ignore the stories and find other. I’m sure there are a lot

I think you’re completely missing the point, so I would like to ask you a question before I go into this:

Are you a POC?


I am Russian

Whilst you are free to have your own opinion, so are other people. I think the quote above is a bit insensitive.


So, no. You’ve never experienced what it’s like to not have people who look like you portrayed in the media.

You’ve never experienced it and you’re telling people to stop reacting to something you don’t have any experience of.

Have you gone looking for POC stories?


But most of trending stories have customize so you can make your character for whatever race. I am just trying to understand why it is offensive

Umm I have not see Russian people portrayed in the trending page too so

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Customisation isn’t seen as diverse. This is explained in a couple of the threads I commented earlier.
I highly recommend you read them.


What does it mean to look Russian? Do you know the ethnicity of all of the characters?

No but it does not say so how will I know

but it never say the race of character so why does it not diverse?

Well I know. When people make stories, I can see that people who LOOK like me – I’m not even talking specific races here – aren’t in it. I could go 100 years without knowing if my neighbour is Russian. I can’t go 100 years without knowing they’re black. I’m not blind.


Do you think that the little kids playing Episode and watching TV care if their character is from Bratislava in Slovakia or Prague or Moscow? No. If they’re blonde, they see blonde-haired characters they can associate with. What about the little girls with Afro hair or brown skin?

Me? Well, I went for a lot of my childhood trying to look like the white people in films… because I’d hardly ever seen someone who looks like me. Why? Because you associate with what you see around you. When you can’t ever meet the beauty standard of someone who doesn’t even have the same skin as you, of course you can feel alienated.


Now let’s go on to the actual issue at hand. You’re talking specifically about the trending section. How do you think that stories get on the trending section? People read them. They trend because they’re popular. Even if POC stories are being written, why aren’t they popular? Why aren’t people reading them?

What about the featured stories? Why is it that almost all of the non-CC main characters are white in the stories that Episode features… when Episode claims to want diversity in their app?

Why is it that most of the featured stories have token diversity?


This is so offensive. If you are not a POC, you cannot speak for how we should feel about diversity or about any racial issues within here unless you have listened to what we have said and complained, having an understanding. I suggest you to take this down and educate yourself before you do anything else.


You and I aren’t in a position where we haven’t felt represented, are felt like a token or are generally left out. It’s not something we will ever feel either, it’s as simple as that.
Telling people essentially to get over it is ignorant.

I won’t comment anymore as I believe @ShanniiWrites has much more to say on this than I do, just please look through those threads and I hope it changes your mind.


well I don’t care is just stories nothing to be getting worked up over

Can you stop I was just commenting my idea