DISCUSSION: Diversity Episode


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It’s easy to learn about other cultures. You’re not gonna know everything, that’s why we LEARN. It’s honestly not an excuse when you can find help HERE. You can find for help everywhere.

We are starting change,


Some of us are. People who thinks it’s “too much research” or “too difficult” to learn about other cultures will stay ignorant.


Ignorance is an extremely dangerous weapon once we wield it.




Oh, did I just create my own quote??


I totally agree with you. I know it may be weird but I don’t even give the reader the option to customize characters. Because people need to see other point of views besides their own little bubble, and it also takes away from the story I wrote too.


I don’t think that’s weird. I prefer no Cc in general. However on my part that’s mostly out of laziness. Lol.

But I think all characters, especially the MAIN that we will be following needs a culture, you know? Kinda takes any opportunity for culture out of the story. I know where you are coming from. ^^


Mom?..u look…different…


Lazy customization. Of course. What story is that?


Some college days story cant remember the full name tho (was like one of the first few)


A few days ago, J. Miley posted an Instagram Template on her story about Episode Pet Peeves. (If you’re reading this, loved the template and the story in banner :rofl:) One of the pet peeves was No diversity and the other one was Misrepresentation of POC/LGBT/Mental Health. Some people who’s pet peeve was “No diversity” didn’t check/tick “Misrepresentation of POC/LGBT/Mental Health”.

Maybe call this a stretch, you are damn right. But if people care more about the story being diverse than misrepresentation of minorities, then we got a problem.

No representation hurts, but misrepresentation hurts more.


………Asian people are POC


Who said Asian people aren’t?


Anyone who says it’s historically inaccurate to have black nobles doesn’t understand history… or hasn’t read any Shakespeare.

Is anyone familiar with Othello?