DISCUSSION: Diversity Episode


Me or her? :joy:


Anyone who cares enough to answer


Well I have no idea what I am. Just black soooo—-:neutral_face:


You can ask on the thread or PM us. My family is multi-cultural, so I’m not really going to be able to talk about anyone super specifically, but I’ll try my best for you. ^^


Unless you want to learn about the Islamic culture then ask. But not now cause I am about to go to sleep.


Thank you both! I will definitely ask you guys some questions in the near future!


Anything you ask me will probably be very logical, statistical, boring, LOL. That’s me. >.>


Yeah sorry I can’t now but it’s past 12 and I need my beauty rest


hahaha me too! And that’s probably why I have no friends so. Anyway moving on haha


Okay Good Night!


You think ALL THIS comes naturally :tipping_hand_woman:t4:‍♀


Ok let me stop




Goodnight :joy::kissing_heart:


It’s easy to learn about other cultures. You’re not gonna know everything, that’s why we LEARN. It’s honestly not an excuse when you can find help HERE. You can find for help everywhere.

We are starting change,


Some of us are. People who thinks it’s “too much research” or “too difficult” to learn about other cultures will stay ignorant.


Ignorance is an extremely dangerous weapon once we wield it.




Oh, did I just create my own quote??


I totally agree with you. I know it may be weird but I don’t even give the reader the option to customize characters. Because people need to see other point of views besides their own little bubble, and it also takes away from the story I wrote too.