DISCUSSION: do suggestion stuff actually work

So we have a forum where we can suggest stuff we want for an episode. And a lot of those suggestion get a lot of support. but it’s rare they actually get. I know its not like they just can be made in a day. but some of that suggestion has had suggested years ago and had very much support but still have not been made.


does episode even look at the suggestions? ive never seen anything suggested made into reality but then again im pretty new to the community. so far all suggestions ive seen look like they get no response. it would be nice if we could get some feedback for SOME of the suggestions at least, like “we’re considering this but we arent sure if we can make it work” or “we cant impliment this because blah blah blah” that way it wouldnt feel like we’re just pointlessly screaming ideas into the void.


the side has barely been up for a year on the old one some of the sugastions had been up for years and not made.

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The only time I’ve ever seen episode staff even give attention to these, it’s when the title’s written wrong :unamused:. I feel like that section is only created to make us feel like we can share our ideas and have a little more control over the platform, but nope. Like for example, they’re not listening to us about the whole crossover mess, are they? If they aren’t listening to us on something that affects their popularity as much as that, then the chances they’re listening to suggestion threads, even like this one, is nonexistent.

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