DISCUSSION: Do y’all believe in love lol?

Love is the root of everything! I’d be a fool not to believe in it. There is so much on this planet made to be loved; friends, cats, birdsongs, music, the way the sunset bathes Earth in rich gold and the way my friend’s eyes lights up when she talks about her interests…

Throughout some of the hardest times in my life, love was what kept me alive. Only recently, love was what kept me from making a potentially regrettable decision. Love is so strong and I don’t think it’s limited to just relationships. Even the love I have for my interests and OCs have been enough to keep me going. I owe everything to love, and the day I stop believing in her is the day I am no longer around.


Woah you’re right. Maybe we need love because it makes us feel alive :pleading_face: you know you’re alive when you have feelings. :pleading_face:


I believe in love I found my soulmate and been married for 4 years now never been happier

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i believe that (unless you’re a psychopath) people can hold love for so many things. people, objects, even places because love is a deep admiration.

but in my opinion, you can only fall IN LOVE once. there’s only one person who you’d choose each and every time, only one that you can ever truly be meant for. this doesn’t mean i believe in soulmates, because i don’t. nothing is meant to be, that’s honestly a fairytale ideal.

you can love many. but who would you actually miss so much so, you’d give up everything you could because you’re that desperate to see them again?

and “love at first sight”? i have mixed feelings here. as i said, love is a deep admiration so yeah, you could love one’s appearance. not their mind and soul, however. so technically it’s just lust.

oh, and i don’t think saying “i love you” is necessary. if you need that validation, then that’s totally okay. but i wouldn’t want anyone forcing me to say that since it’s pretty uncomfortable. it doesn’t mean that you don’t care about them, it’s like marriage. i don’t believe that marriage is important either, i wouldn’t want to get married unless my significant other truly wanted it. i’d do it for them because i would only ever marry someone i sincerely saw me being with forever, that’s it. marriage is just a confession of love on paper.

i don’t know, i guess the word “love” means nothing to me because of how loosely we use it.
“i love fruit!”
“i love the originals!”
comparing these enjoyable things to people you are supposed to care deeply about? yeah, not for me. like i said, no disrespect to others with a different opinion!

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Omg awwww :pleading_face: that’s so beautiful !!! :blob_hearts:

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I see what you’re getting at !! You’re pretty much saying that love is real but people tend to take it too far or blown out of proportion !! Yeah I actually get that because love at first sight is bull LOL :sob: .

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Thank you

idk, i think it’s just about what we’re used to or what happened in our lives to make us feel that way.

i always say that the opportunities you were given at birth influence who you are, and that it takes immense strength to not become the person everyone is expecting.

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I definitely believe in love BUT not what we see on TV? Like I’ve been in a relationship for years and I definitely love my boyfriend, but it’s not butterflies and constant feeling of being on a cloud 9. To me it’s more a feeling of safety and knowing, that the other person knows me and would do everything in his power to bring me happiness and that I feel the same way too!

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