Discussion:Do you guys plan out each episode?

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I plan my stories out pretty throughly so I can avoid writer’s block and have an idea of where the story is going to go. While I do leave room for me to change something later (which I’ve had to do before), having everything planned out makes it easier for me.

Here’s the template I usually use for writing my storyboard:

I like planning ahead to avoid disinterest in my story, writer’s block, and not being creative enough at a given time. I write a lot down when I get inspired so I can go back and use what I’ve written when I’m experiencing writer’s block.


I wish I had the commitment for that. I really should, but I enjoy having some wiggle room. I do find that I don’t have ideas for dialogue, however, so I should start doing that.

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Try it. Because you can always change it around later. I do that to. But initially I do plan every aspect. And if I think of something better later, I change it up

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If you can see what I posted a couple lines up, I’m kinda the same way, I just don’t go as far as to plan dialogue. I think it’s something that I should do, thought. I’m gonna do it.

I don’t plan out each Episode, but I plan the main points. Then I just suffer trying to connect it all together.

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from my experience it’s good to plan things out (at least briefly) bc otherwise when it all comes together it doesn’t seem structured or flow well :slight_smile:

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Same omg. My brain does not work like that, I have to plan out everything so that I know that everything flows

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Kind of? I have an outline that I use of what should roughly happen in each episode, the issue with this is sometimes I test it out and it doesn’t flow nicely or it’s not how I envisioned it, so I stray away from it sometimes.

The vast majority of my current scenes were off the cuff decisions and honestly? My current script is 1000x better than what I had jotted down on paper.

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