DISCUSSION: Double standards in episode stories

Hi everyone so a while back I made a post about sexism in episode stories, so I thought I continue it on this post because I’ve notice more sexism appearing in stories and it’s been bothering me again so I thought why not voice my opinion once again. Also Your free as well to disagree with me. This is just how I feel about everything in episode stories.

So I noticed that a lot of authors, like 98% percent (especially big authors) love to stereotype men and woman in their stories. That men= players and woman=pure. It seems that authors have their female mcs all be sex repulsed and can’t have any sex unless it’s with the love interest or if she does have sex it’s with a boyfriend and it’s usually bad sex, it’s almost like authors are saying the mcs shouldn’t have sex unless it’s only with the love interest which is sexist, but if the love interest has sex he can sleep with who ever he wants and it’s alway good sex, because to authors men can’t have bad sex.

That is sexist because I have some male friends(not the same friends from the other post) who like to do hook ups and they said they had bad sex before, so that’s not really realistic. I as a person who’s alway been labeled the good girl, I like to do hooks up and guess what? Just because people like to do hook up does not mean their incapable of being exclusive or in a relationship with someone.

And no not every person who likes to sleep around has been cheated on, not every person who sleep around will alway say yes to anyone who wants to hook up, people can say no. Yes it’s very possible for people who like to sleep around to be loyal to someone their interested in.

This is the other stereotype on see on episode, where the love interest is instantly interested in the mc but sleeps with any woman because his a man and man who sleep around can’t say no, it’s so disgusting to see this stereotypes in stories that people want to read to escape life, how can they when they end up seeing those stereotype? And if authors that badly want to write their stories that way should at least put a warning saying it’s purely fiction and to not take seriously (but the thing is they won’t because they want to teach their readers to think the worse of men and that woman are perfect)

It’s also like the author is also saying that people who sleep around can’t be loyal or never fall in Love unless it’s with good girl/boy, and authors and readers have no idea how these stereotypes are hurtful, I’ve been approached by other woman before in the past who have told because I like to sleep around I’m not capable of being in a relationship or that I must have been cheated on which is why I sleep around. They have also said similar things to my male friends as well.

It’s also ironic how these authors talk about how their against slut shaming when they don’t even realize that they literally slut shame their own characters.

Like another thing I noticed with stories is their alway try to make sure the mcs are loyal because to show woman are better than men. Like the man alway makes the mistakes, the man end up getting another woman pregnant, the man sleeps with another woman when he’s “in love” with the mc, etc. now if we reverse the roles could we say the same thing about this? If the woman made mistakes, if the woman got pregnant by another man, if the woman had casual sex with another man when she’s “in love” with the love interest, would the love interest still want her then?

Another thing I noticed is the mc and love interest alway get other people who want to go after them and the people that go after the love interest alway end up sleeping together but all the people going after the mc, never do because woman are loyal and men aren’t.

We already live in a society where woman are slut shamed, so why do authors try to teach their readers that woman should all be sex repulsed, and shouldn’t be interested in sex unless it’s with someone their gonna basically end up marrying but men can sleep with who ever they want because their men.

I’m just tired of seeing these stereotypes in pretty much every story. I’m pretty sure this is gonna continue on, so Im thinking of maybe leaving the community because I highly doubt these authors actually care about sexism or are anti slut shaming.:disappointed: and like I said if authors would add a warning saying its fictional then that would be ok because then authors aren’t spreading false information but that’s not gonna happen because authors don’t care.

So let me know what you guys think again this is just my opinion you are free to disagree with me.



I’m so sick of the authors making out the LI’s hookups to be bad people/whores, but suddenly when MC hooks up with him, she’s still good an innocent?

Female characters can enjoy sex without being bad people, they shouldn’t only be allowed to sleep with the MC and they’re not ‘better people’ than women who enjoy casual hookups


Let’s not also forget how the li’s hook up alway end up falling in love and try everything they can to get him to date them. Most people I know from hook up culture don’t do that most people if the person tell them up front how it’s casual they understand.
And not every person who does hook ups will fall in love.

Also the mc is apparently so different from other girls, I don’t understand how she’s different, what’s different about her? The fact that she doesn’t throw herself at the li? That doesn’t make her different, she still wanted to sleep with the li in the first chapter, she just hide her desires better, that doesn’t make her different.


Im finding way too many stories where MC is just a big slut. Makes out with all the dudes has 1 night stands all day then when ppl get mad MC gets mad at them for judging her =_=

Frankly im sick of seeing that crap.

Its rare i find a MC or a LI who doesnt do tht these days. All stories use s3xual things as a relationship replacement


Finally someone said it!

I hate the not like other girls trope, it’s basically just assuming you’re better than other women because you don’t want to hook up. Casual sex is a personal decision, it doesn’t make you any better or worse than anyone else.

If you want to slut shame girls who hook up with the love interest, then you better slut shame the love interest as well. Guys shouldn’t get a pass for this.


:100: you speak the truth on everything.
I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing this.

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How about the Ll always been sexual to mc its annoying seeing that all the time.
There’s nothing with being a sexual or not having sex or mc or LL.
And even if the mc does have casual sex she’s has no right to be slut shame its her body she can do what she wants.

It’s mostly annoying when the sex is just about sex and hooks up not really pure love.



Yeah I notice these too, personally for me, sometimes I don’t mind it because I’m a sexual person myself but the way the authors write them can be very annoying.
Also theirs stereotype that guys talk about sex all the time, that is actually false, men don’t talk about sex as much as woman like to think.

It seems that most love interests are copies of each other and the mcs are copies of each other.


Oof. Slut shaming is bad mmkay
There are plenty of stories with non promiscuous MC and love interest(s). Not that there is anything wrong with people who enjoy stories with sexually promiscuous characters.

Nah, totally agree. I’ve seen all these stereotypes you’ve mentioned time and time again between the “bad boy” and the “good girl”.
It’s exhausting. Would love to see something more original. Why does the troubled bad boy always have to be portrayed as a hypersexual womanizer? What if for once they were withdrawn and reluctant to engage in intimacy again while mending a broken heart?


One my male friends did that, he also dresses and has the “bad boy” look. He stayed single for over a year because he wasn’t mentally ready to be with anyone intimately, currently his in a happy relationship.

I feel like a lot authors and readers seem to love to judge someone based on the way they look.

It would totally be great to see more stories where both mc and li are both sleeping around, neither sleeping around, both celibate, both in relationship, left to the readers imagination to focus more on plot, etc


Prude/modest shamings bad too
And sluts a slut pffft idc do what u blah blah not apologizing

And theres really not many its seldom tht u find any and ive looked hard yet this crap I sick of seeing

Dont like dont read…trust me i dont point is

The OPPISITE is hard to find(a well written CC oppisite)

I certainly agree.

Aaand there you go again. Very mature.
Have a nice night.

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I appreciate reading this discussion. And I am proud of everyone that has taken the time to step back and evaluate exactly how much sex is heavily featured as the pivotal endgame in most of the concepts of “relationship goals”. I get that sex sells… it’s been selling since the beginning of time in one way or another.

But looking at the standards or lack there of pertaining to sex being “endgame” and how men are perceived vs how women are perceived for the exact same level of participation is quite telling. Especially when there are people that do not agree with the standard or the message that is being sent in a great deal of these stories. Although it may not be the most popular , I wouldn’t mind reading more stories about celibacy or other aspects of relationships that are not hyper focused on only the sexual aspect of intimacy. In that same vein I wouldn’t mind reading about a Male MC/LLwho is celibate or hasn’t quite found the right person to be with in that way yet.

( One of my Mc’s actually fits this description to a tee, but he’s not in the majority… and my story is not out yet… )

But anywho, great topic of discussion !!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: