DISCUSSION: Double Standards of Community

why is it so awkward to write the first sentence?!

Hello, I’ve recently realized that there’s some double standards in the community.

It can be about anything, really. Editing, writing, background creating, anything you can imagine!

One of the biggest examples of this is that, when there’s a new Episode featured story out everyone will gladly criticize the story. Good or bad things can be said about the story, and that’s ok. But when there’s a story that’s been out and trending longer than most featured stories, everyone seems to be against criticizing because the authors’ feelings can be hurt.

Featured stories have the same author as well. Yes, you should be able to criticize featured stories, this is a platform and you are free to donwhat you want. But isn’t a bit double standarded?

What else you think might be double standarded? Do you agree? Are there actually double standards?


Tell me about it! If you release your story to the public, you should be open to criticism. Otherwise, save it for your diary. It doesn’t matter if you’re featured or not. It’s not like they feature actual professional writers (except one or two), anyway.


Yeah, I wish someone told me what I was doing wrong. I mean, if you do publish your story as a novel, think of the outcomes… How will you handle criticism then?


I think there is a slight difference because many featured stories are marked as “Episode Original Story”, so we don’t really know the authors.
I usually prefer not to criticize anyone directly in public because in most cases I find it unnecessary. But… if a story is problematic on many different levels, I think it’s fine if we talk about it. We have to talk about it.


Yeah, people still will shut you down if you say “Hey! This shouldn’t be in this story. Here’s why” so I lost all hope for criticism in here.

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I personally can’t relate, since I’m also open to roasting problematic community stories. I have noticed a double standard in that regard when it comes to forum moderating, though. The mods will shut down threads that contain critiques of specific community stories, but not of Episode’s official stories. I think part of it may be that, as a company that profits off their writing, Episode should be held accountable for what they write, and closing topics that say negative things about their featured stories wouldn’t be a great look for them. Meanwhile, most community authors aren’t professional writers and don’t get paid for what they produce.


Actually the other reason why I don’t like calling out authors is that many of them (especially the popular ones) are not present on the forums to “defend” themselves. But still, some things have to be said and sometimes I hope they eventually reach the consignee too.


You brought up a good view. Episode will let users destroy their own featured stories but OH GOD! LEAVE THE NUMBER ONE TRENDING STORY ALONE!


Or they come to forums to defend themselves and never come back again. It’s a very funny situation to me :bowing_woman:t2:


I once had that with @/S.Langdon, I criticized her story while very angry one time. She came to defend herself, then bounced out.


Yeah, I remember. :sweat_smile:

Non-popular authors aren’t immune to criticism and they get criticized by both readers and popular authors. Shouldn’t people criticize popular authors too? :woman_shrugging:t2:


Exactly! And I was referring to the title. What she did was quite unprofessional.


When non-popular authors write cliche stories people say that they aren’t trying too hard to earn readers. But when popular authors do it, they are just making parodies and/or taking a cliche and making it “unique”.

No shade to Langdon or anyone else. It’s double standards and it is annoying that people benefit off it and don’t even acknowledge it.


I think some people fall into the pit of making cliche stories (which aren’t that bad, but grossly overused and inaccurate, unless there’s offensive content) because they want readers, while others do it because of our “follow-the-leader” mentality.


BUMPING this since another double standard has been exposed to the community.

I’m like 70% sure a popular author saw this thread and was like “Yep! Another hater :roll_eyes:” since I’m seeing that IG story around the community.

Listen. People are allowed to have opinions. You could say I’m shit or my stories are shit, I’ll take it. I’ll even listen to your advice. This is the thing with small authors, they think their story isn’t good enough because they aren’t getting any reads. Basic psychology.

But when you say stuff like “Popular authors have feelings as well. Your wellness is disregarded once you reach a certain amount of reads.” is just completely turning a blind eye to ACTUAL CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. The problem is that even if you say “The pacing could be a lot better, these episodes were dragged.” about a popular author’s story, you are considered a hater. But popular authors have the audacity to say “Maybe you aren’t getting reads because you don’t deserve it” and no one gives a damn. Here’s your double standard. :wink:


Let them hear the truth, and not through the grapevine! :roll_eyes:

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