Hi there and it’s me @AMagic, I hope you’re having a nice day/night.

Today I wanted to discuss a very serious topic School. I’ve seen some videos about school, talking about detentions, failing classes, and disrespecting the teacher. Let me be the one to tell you that stuff is not Cute :woman_shrugging: You’re at school to better your future, why is it funny to get detentions and fail class, it’s not a good look. This is coming from a person who is in school herself. Let’s be honest, you look wayyy better getting good grades and staying out of detention/ISS.


Person 1: I got a 50 in this class, I don’t really care tho.

Cough Pathetic Cough

This was me last semester and honestly that old me was terrible, I didn’t pay attention, I got low grades and walked out the class room as if was nothing :woman_shrugging: I didn’t even ask my teachers for help. Now, after going through some inspirational quotes, I’m paying attention and getting good grades!


and thats on being good students idky but when they call my name for the straight a’s certificate I feel smart asf and be like yes, im the one who worked her ass off and been getting straight a’s like that feeling is just so good and everyone should try to strive for it. when people brag about their low grades im like… that isnt a good thing to brag about also when people disrespect teachers and then say “they hate me for no reason… I didn’t do anything” just SHUT UP thats so annoying and you have a bad personality if you think you didnt do anything


I agree you’re just making a fool of yourself, while your failing, majority of your class is passing. :joy:


also like it literally bothers me so much like you can literally get good grades if you try. last year this guy was failing with an e and he wanted to play soccer so he turned in all of his work and asked what he could do to get his grade up then boosted himself to a B.


I’m proud that you realized how important it is to think ahead and believe that school is important. It really is. I’m out of all schooling but I want to weigh in.
In school it’s easy to forget that you will be an adult with real world responsibilities. It’s a lot easier to find a job, make money and be successful if you take your education seriously. Yes, there are entry-level positions and fast food/restaurants… but let’s be real- they don’t pay that great. It costs in the real world and if you have aspirations of travel, having nice things and not struggling paycheck to paycheck - education matters.

Example (using just my experience. When I first left high school- before college- I worked a fast food job. I made about 4-500$ every 2 weeks.) Let’s compare that to the cost of living my life now:
Rent: 700/month, Groceries-200/week=800/month (give or take), electric/water/trash removal/etc- about 150-200/month.

See where I’m going with this? The world isn’t free and it’s better to have an education and join a career at a higher level than it is to think that school doesn’t matter and “I’ll be okay”. No, you’ll struggle. That’s the end of that argument right there. I’ve been there. Your education does matter.


Thank you :clap::clap::clap: You can’t just fail school and expect your life to be a-okay.

I remember learning this on my field trip about finance, I’m saving my money right now.


I know this is suppose to be funny and “relatable” but no, call me a boomer all you want :woman_shrugging:



It’s not cheap to be on your own. Thankfully, my husband makes enough that I can stay home, take care of the house and kids - and we can still be financially okay. I cant’s stress enough that getting an education matters in the world today. There are apprenticeships and trade schools if traditional college/university isn’t for you… but you have to have some form of secondary education beyond a diploma to make headway in this world. It’s not cheap.

Oh- forgot our car payments which equal about $900 a month.


:joy::joy: Math has been pretty fun for the last few years, I’m getting the hang of education now, I finally like school. I totally agree! You just have to enjoy it! :joy:


I totally agree. I’m not going to lie and say that education will do everything for you, but it’s the best milestone you could have.

I know there are people that have learning issues but even those strive and get the grades they need to pass the year.
Not studying and failing intentionally is dumb because you are wasting your chances.

The higher and the better your education is, bigger are your chances in getting a job that not only will pay your bills but also will allow you to save up and enjoying yourself instead of being all work and counting money.

To sum up as many have said. Wasting your future is NOT cute and has more consequences that as teenager is difficult to see.
Your parents will not be there forever to give you money to pay for your needs. :tipping_hand_woman:t5:

PS: Also, disrespecting your teachers on class and disrupting the class is extremely selfish and rude.
Yes, I’m out of school but I was a straight A-student. I would be annoyed as hell when the class didn’t revolve about something that I could learn.


This is so true.


I remember we had a test last week, my friends were sitting at my table and they all got a 85, I wasn’t finish, they kept talking and saying “You aren’t done yet” I felt pressure, so I rushed! You want to know what I got? A 60, I was so mad!! My friend said Oops, well that sucks :expressionless::expressionless: Not tryna lift me up or anything, I didn’t talk to her for the whole day :woman_shrugging:. Also surround yourself with people who will understand and are also hard workers.


My friends aren’t toxic, they just don’t know when to stop playing, my education matters.


This does wonders, I was the supporter on college but I liked it because in order to be able to explain things to other on my study group I needed to fully understand what I was explaining


School is great and education is very important. I believe in always trying your best, being your best self, and of course, being respectful towards everyone.

Although good grades are good, I don’t feel like they’re too important. It’s the life skills, time management and interaction with people that are great lessons that you can learn from school. The facts we learn aren’t as important, I honestly don’t remember a lot from everything I’ve learned.

Always try your best, but don’t stress over it. Don’t stress over a low grade or failing a class as long as you try again, never just give up. In the higher grades I must say that the more socially skilled people were the ones getting part time jobs and being active in organizing events etc. but they weren’t always the people getting the best grades. There are of course also people who are very skilled in a lot of different areas.

I wouldn’t brag about failing classes but I don’t take it too seriously because I know that I can do it just if I get a bit more time. Maybe on the second or even third try. :wink: The important thing is that I learn it, not that I just “pass”.

In conclusion, education is important, you should always try your best and try to be you best. Grades aren’t important, but could be a nice bonus and a way to clearly see that you’re doing something right. People are different and everyone can’t be straight A students and don’t have to be, everyone have their different skills. Just don’t be lazy, make excuses for yourself or be disrespectful.

I just don’t want people to put too much pressure on themselves because I know they do and the mental health is super low because of that. I have a friend who still haven’t graduated high school but she’s still a hard working person who is doing great and she will graduate eventually. Expecting everyone to finish their education at the same rate isn’t realistic because we’re all different.


Maybe, if this happens again, talk to her and tell her “I understand that you finished before me, but until I’m done, please don’t bother me because I need to get my grades up.” If she doesn’t respect that- maybe consider asking the teacher to move you or reevaluate that friendship. A true friend helps and supports you in your goals. If they can’t do that, maybe you need better friends? (no rudeness intended. To give example of my experience irl- before getting sober I had a ton of friends all down for a good time, always the center and life of every party. Then I decided that that wasn’t the life I wanted. That I had to do better. So I went to rehab and got sober…I stopped going around the things that threatened my new-found sobriety and goals. I lost a lot of “friends” that weren’t supportive and moreover weren’t accepting that I was trying to change my life- including a friend I knew for 10 years, some longer. BUT I made new friends, and now I have a husband,children and a healthy sober life. That’s what matters. YOUR goals matter. And true friends support that.)


I’m currently not doing any form of education at the moment. I used to go to school, but I’ve haven’t been since last year, which was in year 7.

It wasn’t a good place for me. I didn’t just hate school, I felt imprisoned there. I remember constantly getting headaches there from stress and not eating enough.
I remember continuously trying to stop myself from randomly crying in class because of the voice in my head telling me that I was too stupid to do well in any class. Both my siblings didn’t go to school at the time, and I got horrendously jealous. I rarely ever did any work, I had no interest in doing/returning homework, and I never saw any use in anything. I was destroyed.

The work… I did care about it. I wanted to be able to do it like the other kids. I wanted to put answers on those sheets. But, I couldn’t, I just couldn’t… because I knew that it’d be no use. I was going to get it wrong, anger the teacher and make the class laugh at me. Because getting it right was impossible for someone as stupid as me.

As of now, I’m seeing a paediatrician and a psychologist. I’m not sure about how things will go from there. I just don’t see myself getting back out there, at least not now. School definitely isn’t for me.

That’s correct, I would have either been 11, 12 or 13. I was 12. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I appreciate the nice words. Writing what I wrote took a lot out of me as it took me back to that time, and the niceness was able to lift me up a bit.

It wasn’t really middle/secondary school that dragged me down so much, it was elementary/primary school. I hated that place to my very core, and once it was all over, I got tired. I didn’t want to deal with secondary school.


School is nice and all until the education system makes getting good grades MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than the child’s actual learning and skill development.

Oh and also, Bullies suck

ALSOO I hate when people act like a person’s intelligence, or ability to get great grades is their only personality. Like, (not gonna brag) I am a smart student myself however I hate how people act like there is no person behind my smartness, they act like I’m a machine programmed to get good grades, even teachers and MY OWN PARENTS!


Totally agree with this!