Discussion: Episode Story's Are Going Down Hill

In a way, yes. But I don’t think stories are going down hill.

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I don’t think stories are going down hill. I started episode back in 2014 when it came out - the content back then really wasn’t good, and if it was, it was like finding a needle in a haystack. I’d argue that the content itself has improved greatly; but like everything, you get your fair share of good and bad.

As for the gems? I understand why people find them annoying, especially when an author pins you between a rock and a hard place. But, there are many great creators out there who give gem options that won’t affect the story or restrict you from content - it’s all about finding them.

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I’ve been waiting to talk about this one!


A lot of episode featured stories are overly cliche, to the point where they are all the same. Once you read one episode original, you’ve basically read them all. You can accurately guess what happens next. There are no twist or turns and NOTHING is original (So much for being called “an episode ORIGINAL”).

The characters themselves aren’t original either. The Mc is either a girl that “stays away from boys and drama” because of something that happened to them in the past or the girl that was unknown in school and randomly everyone starts talking about her and they never have any personality.
There are always 2 Lis, one golden boy/girl and one bad boy/girl. Their mostlikey going to be friends, ex friends, or relatives.
-The Golden boy/girl is going to be the school hottie that every girl crushes on, and is considered perfect and his only struggle is that everyone expects too much from him/her, but always treat the MC with respect.

-The Bad boy/girl, is also a school hottie. Always has a dark past which makes them act the way they do, and they always get into trouble and get the MC into trouble. They always treat the Mc terribly and constantly cheats on them because “The Mc is way too good for them”. Also, their struggle is that they hate that people expect so little from them, so that when they do something good people don’t believe they actually did it.

Oh, and we can’t forget the side characters tho!!

-Bestfriend number one (sometimes the only best friend) Usually is a party-loving, boy crazy, hrny person, that’s always pushing the Mc to go out and have fun or have sx with the Li’s. The character usually has no depth what so ever, and is really just there to aid the Mc when their going through something.

-Bestfriend number 2 is usually a POC woman or gay male, that’s there for diversity points. Like best friend number one, they have no depth whatsoever and are portrayed as the goody two shoes of the friend group.

-The mean girl is always blonde-haired and blue-eyed, overly mean to the Mc with no clear reason, constantly sl*t shammed, usually rich, and their parents are never home. Usually, become
nicer at the end of the story, and everyone for some reason forgives them after almost running the Mcs life. Usually has a crush on the golden boy/girl, and thinks their dating, or still dating after they broke up, and has hooked up with the Bad boy/girl.

-Mean girls friend #1, you usually never remember their name. They have blonde hair, and are always dumb. Thats it.

-Mean girls friend #2, usually has brown or black hair, but is nicer, and usually helps the Mc or leaves the mean girl to become the Mcs friend.

(why are all the mean girls and their friends literally copy and paste of the plastics??)

And then gem choices are so dumb. I lowkey feel like episode kind of scares (Ik that sounds very over the top, but I couldn’t find another word for it) people into spending money on gems because they will give you choices that seem like they will greatly impact the story when they only change or add a few lines of dialog.

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