DISCUSSION: Episode TOS - Section 7

How do you feel about Episode stating within their TOS that they can take your ideas and exploit (their own words) them for their own without legal ramifications?

@Liz @Jesse

Did you know about this?

How do you feel?

Do you question publishing on Episode now?

Anything else?

Section 7 of the TOS


And this.
Im glad someone made a topic about this. If I undestand the Tos right, If this is true, I am done.
I feel dissapointed and if this is right, I am leaving this app for good.


I’ll be asking for my story to be removed from the app :woman_shrugging:t3:

Had I know that was part of the TOS I would never have became an author on Episode.


Yeah, I remember reading Tos when I joined and THIS definitely WASNT there. I would never write for them too if this was there. Gonna do the same as you.


Im sorry for editing my posts so much, Im furious right now.


It’s so ridiculous. They’re just making everything fall apart.


Honestly, I think episode should tell us before you install the app, like what am I making stories for, We don’t steal their ideas.


Yep, I think 2018 is the year when episode ends. At least for me.


Me too. I don’t even want to finish my story and I’ve been working on it for like two months lol.


I’m currently searching to see if it’s illegal to update TOS without notification.
We should all have been made aware what we were agreeing too.

I’ve said it over and over again.
Money > Morals with Episode.


Well I hope you will find something. I swear this app is going to shit and I dont wanna be here watching this. I am so mad right now. They keep making decisions that harm us, the people who earn money for them. Episode can fuck off with this. Sorry for my swearing, Im mad.


Soo, Ik this is a big deal but for me like I’ve worked so hard on my story and I don’t feel like ending it all is the right thing. Like if episode takes any story, they could even possibly give credit? You can email them, things they all aren’t super rude … I know i’ma get a lot of backlash for making this bc it really is a big deal but it won’t stop me from writingg…

Still i’m getting really bothered because, we don’t steal their ideas do we? I mean its not like their stories are good in the first place most of the times… Honestly episode should stop being butthurt because we’re getting fed up about their same cliche stories, like okay sorry…


I hope you don’t get backlash, you are entitled to your opinion!

I would have much preferred to have been notified that this was a new part of their TOS. The way they have gone about this is sneakily adding it in hoping that no one sees it so they can steal anyones story but not be charged with copyright.

That’s not a move a trusting company would make.

I wrote my story, not them. If they are struggling so much to come up with new ideas then they should fire their writers and hire more creative ones.


I’m pissed too. I hope they fix these problems because all my favorite authors are even more pissed and don’t even want to update anymore chapters. They better resolve these issues because these authors are the only reason why I actually keep the app because I don’t like the featured or original made stories on Episode. And if my favorite authors end up leaving because of this, then so am I because what Episode is doing is just so ridiculous.


I am re thinking publishing my stories in this fucking toxic app. This is disgusting! NO WAY IN HELL ARE THEY USING MY SHIT


Exactly, they are putting it out on us when we didn’t do anything, It’s not our fault you can’t come up with a good story idea?


Honestly if they won’t change this, I don’t blame anyone for leaving, I am sure as hell gonna do the same.


It’s not our fault your story ideas are so shit you have to resort to copying other peoples story ideas. That’s copyright, isn’t it? That’s not fair. They should have had the decency to bother to tell us, rather then be sneaky about it.


Can someone give me the link to this thread?

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This app relies so heavily on user stories.
If it were only featured stories available, they wouldn’t be in business because their own stories do not compete with other apps.

I and so many others were so grateful for the opportunity to publish our own stories onto this platform but now? If it means giving up any of my creative ideas, it’s not worth it in my opinion.