Discussion: Episode Went Down Hill After The New Guidelines

Episode Went Down Hill After The New Guidelines

Okay, so I’ve been on episode since 2014 and I grew up with episode. I’m now 16 and I feel like episode is not how it use to be. I feel like the episode community is tired and nobody is listening. I also feel like episode is going to be it’s on own down fall one day. What do you guys think?


What things made you upset? I’m happy with the guidelines :woman_shrugging: but that’s my opinion of course


Your the only person I know that said that. MY thing is this don’t nobody want to read pg-13 a** stories and plus one of my favorite story was remove but I saw a story about S. And it didn’t get removed.


The guidelines are about the same, just a few new additions but most are revised for more clarification.


Welllll I guess it’s sad everything is now all abt mafia. Also, I feel like all the stories r the same. But tbh, It’s quite possible u’ve just been the one to grow up. I feel the same sometimes lol, but things u read feel different when ur older n have a higher understanding of things.


It’s annoying all you see is characters kissing with clothes the fade away.

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It didn’t get removed because no one bothered to report it


I quit didn’t understand this sentence? Clothes fade away?

Also about guidelines, of course any sort of limits feel restraining but they’re there because episode is a platform targeting young teens. They did have a mature version for a mature audiences but considering episodes that’s just that.
Personally I do feel there’s some things which could’ve been little easier if guidelines weren’t that restraining but the target audience factor plays a huge role.


I meant the scene

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Oh, some authors do take it way to seriously :laughing:
I guess they’re young too so maybe they don’t want to get too deep. I wouldn’t shy away though! It’s just a kiss

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My first story had a gun on the cover (2018) and was approved, after re-uploading it with a new title in 2020 it wasn’t approved cause of the gun, like no violence. BUT why would u have a prop gun but not allow to use it on covers???


That’s stated in the guidelines. Though I didn’t know it was allowed once upon a time

they said it was allowed but not anymore. But isn’t it a bit weird to have a gun then in-game? Isn’t it violence as well? I don’t mind the rules at all, it can be sometimes bruh

Episode is a pg-13 rated app and always has been


What’s wrong with PG-13 stories? I’ve always written PG-13 stories, and prefer them over stories with explicit sex, violence, and excessive cussing.


Because as it is stated in the Story Cover guidelines, you can’t use the gun in your cover, but you can use the gun in your story. That’s Episode. I think it maybe brings out violence, if it is in the story cover. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: So, if the company said no guns in cover, that’s it. It’s their rules, and terms.


I agree, tbh.

I disagree, as a parent I think the more stringent guidelines are a good thing. The rating is 13+ in some countries and 12+ in others, there are also many readers who are younger than 12/13. Episode has to consider children for the app, not the demands that may violate their rating.

I know there were demands for more mature content and freedom (I, myself want a space to write freely) and that’s why Episode invested in developing and testing Ivy for the past 2 years or so but it failed and will be shut down.
But I’m not going to write stuff that violates guidelines made to protect minors/young teens on an app that is specifically geared for them. It’s a bit like asking for mature programs to be aired on kid’s channels.


I disagree a lot of people say this “control what your kids watching we are not your kid parents :upside_down_face:


My issue is they say you have to have your character wearing clothes in shower scenes which no1 showers fully clothed