Discussion: Episode's recent posts

Okay if you see the posts on Epy’s Instagram, it seems like they’re being… crazy? weird? idk the word… but it’s defo odd

it seems as if they’re making fun of the stereotypes they have like the bad boys in stories and the pregnancy stories… does anyone know what i mean?


I think it’s them kinda embracing those facts now, good for them? :pensive:

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I noticed this too. It’s like they hear what we have to say about these story plots, but instead of addressing it seriously, they turn it into a meme and act very self aware. :woman_facepalming:


Yeah they aren’t taking it seriously.

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I said this in a similar post, but I absolutely love them. It’s like poking fun at their own app. I can’t wait for them to do a Vampire one or even werewolf lmao.

FYI : it’s alot funnier than those ‘OMG should I sleep with him?’ or ‘Kiss him’ choices in the old posts.


The whole pregnancy fad is mostly user stories, so there’s nothing they CAN do about that one but poke fun at it :woman_shrugging: