[DISCUSSION] Epy Shorts 2019

Okay, so as you all may know, @theepyawards released the deets about entering The Epy Shorts 2019!

This year, they’ve decided to do a mentor-mentee themed Epy Shorts, where you’re assigned a mentor, and you write a short story in prose with the guidance of your mentor!


All of this was announced on @theepyawards Instagram, so if you’re interested and have Instagram, definitely take a look!

I would love to know everyone’s opinions about this and if anyone has thoughts about joining!


I think the mentor thing is a good idea, but it’s a shame it’s just for short written stories. I’d love to see a similar thing being set up for writing Episode stories and the coding and directing side of things


Agreed. That’d be pretty freakin’ cool. Next year, hopefully? @theepyawards


Maybe if this goes well they’ll extend the mentorship program to their main awards as well? It would probably have to be optional (since a lot of stories that are entered in the Epy awards aren’t written solely for the awards), but maybe people could sign up to be a mentor and interested potential mentees could then apply?


I’m looking forward to my friends posting updates about their entries :smiley:

I personally would love to participate but I feel like my plate will break if I add any more projects too it.


Actually, the planning is already in the works for the year 2020, but we are doing a test run for Epy Shorts 2019 first because we need to see statistics for how many mentees or mentors we can gather from a single contest and also feedback and outcome! It is also definitely going to be an optional thing where new Episode writers can opt for this mentorship program while preparing for the main awards, and once they do sign up for the mentorship, it is compulsory that they enter the awards after being mentored! Regardless of whether contestants choose to get mentored or not, every story will be judged the same way for the awards! Hope that answers your questions! @amberose @EliseC