Discussion: Excellent Directing isn't Needed in a Story

I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest for awhile now because I feel like people don’t really notice or talk about it. An author doesn’t have to put too much work and go beyond what they know to write a story. I’d say take it one step at a time because directing and coding is a learning process. I understand that directing is very important and could make a story interesting, but that shouldn’t determine whether a story is good or not. An author can write a really great story without having to add extra directing such as overlays and zooms at times. Directing shouldn’t determine how well a story is; I think the writing and the plot should. I don’t know, but what do you guys think?


Me personally directing is 54% of what I would like


I think that the majority of readers don’t pay much attention to directing BUT fellow authors are impressed


If the writing and plot is excellent enough, I can deal w/ simple directing.

However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that excellent directing AND writing together absolutely enhances a story. Sometimes the directing adds to the effect of already good writing.


I do not think that excellent directing is needed. As long as the plot and story is amazing, then honestly, it’s alright. I mean maybe that author is struggling with it or something but had a great idea and really wanted to share that.
I do however think that it enhances the story all that much more making the story really come to life. But as I said, just some simple directing is all that I really would look for.


Personally It’s not need… but it does make or break a story.
I can read a story with simple directing. That’s not an issue for me.
But directing can help enhance a story for the greater good.


I agree with this, if the story line is so freaking good but directing is simple, i can’t help but fall in love with the story line. However, Episode is a visual app, where people read the story and see it in action, so it helps having some scenes that looks wicked cool :wink:


As long as the plot, storyline, and dialogue is great, then I wouldn’t mind simple directing. I use both advanced and basic directing in my stories. (I still don’t know how to use/code gains.) Excellent directing isn’t exactly mandatory, but if all three that I listed above is great, and advanced directing goes with it, then the story is enhanced, and it makes the story better to read.


I think advanced directing is not needed to have a technically “good” story.

However, people do notice when you go above and beyond with the directing… And they also notice when you have directing errors too lol.


I have terrible directing, suu I don’t judge any story with less-than-perfect directing, unless there’s default characters as extras. I agree, excellent advanced directing is nice, but it’s not necessary to make a story amazing


Totally agree with everyone view on this.

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You are right. However, I do think some readers don’t really pay attention to how well an author directs their story. They’re readers, so they don’t really know the process of directing and what advanced directing is.


Well for me, once I’m into the story and interested in the plot I don’t care about the directing. It’s just that good directing makes a good first impression and I do appreciate it.

Most of my favorite stories don’t have spectacular editing, just a really good story line and really well developed characters. I mean, you dont like a film simply because it has excellent directing do you?


Its like a sundae
Sprinkles arent necessary but they(directing in this case) adds something special


I personally pay more attention to good directing than a story. Because more times than not, if an author has excellent directing, it means they put a lot of effort into a story and tbh that’s what I look for


I can agree with you on this, but if I really love the plot and story line in a story, I’ll continue reading it; whether it’s poorly directed or not.


I think the plot and writing is the most important part and I’ll read a story as long as it has clean directing (glitchy directing filled with errors will cause me to exit a story) however, I’ve also continued reading stories simply because of the directing lol. I’m a lot more likely to share and promote a story if it has both an excellent plot and excellent directing.
Episode is a visual app, so I do think that the directing plays a part.


Personally, I look for ‘cleaner’ directing - that is, it’s not, like, super-advanced or something but really well done with attention paid to the little details. I don’t know how best to describe it only that’s the first word (clean) that springs to mind when I think of it. Basically, meaning that the characters don’t walk over tables and/or chairs and the writer maybe does something interesting with the camera commands to add a dynamic feel to the scene.


Yeah I you have defualy characters as extras im gonna be really conflicted :joy:

Especially since there’s a character randomiser like there’s no excuse


Actually I like a lot of movies because of directing.

Ex: Scott Pilgrim, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, Gone Girl

Like idk why but in movies I always notice I when theres bad camerawork, especially when there’s overuse of a shakycam like wyd :nauseated_face: another reason i just cant watch modern family

But on Episode for some reason i dont even care :joy: