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When a person finally made a name for themselves in the world, it’s like they change themselves all of a sudden. They change their personality and their ideas. I think it’s a bit strange that they do that because it’s like they are "selling out just for people to accept them. Why do that to yourself when you’re only going to make yourself miserable? Also, when these famous people move out of their hometowns to Los Angeles, there’s a MAJOR change that happens to them. I know that LA and Hollywood can change a person’s personality, ideas and behavior, but a person shouldn’t let that happen to them. Do you agree or disagree?


it is hard to have people look at evrything you do. where a simple sentence there dosent really mean anything can blow up. there is a hannah montana episode there present that pretty well where she says she does not like carots and sudenly no one wanna eat carots. and she waers a carto costume and eat carots on tv. and then she says she dosent really have time to read and kida around the world refuse to read

I agree in a sense. I don’t think fame or fortune should change a person’s morals or values, but change can be good. There’s no room for growth if someone is expected to be the same way their whole life, and if they have access to an opportunity then they should take it. That being said, I expect their behaviour to adjust and adapt to the environment that they’re in whether they’re aware of it or not. Sometimes this is good but sometimes they get involved with the wrong crowd and have negative influences controlling an unconscious aspect of their lives. But then again, you can’t be a small-town person if you live in a massive city. At one point or another, you’ll adapt and change to fit in with that city life.


That’s true. Sometimes a change is good for a person, and sometimes it isn’t.


That’s so true about famous people these days…the fame gets to their head.

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I think a person’s morals and values will mostly stay the same (especially if they’re already adults). Also, fame getting to people’s heads is NOT exclusive to today’s celebrities. It will happen no matter what. People will get overwhelmed and sometimes go through so many things IN THE PUBLIC EYE. Especially now in the world of the internet and social media, fame can accumulate way faster than before. Of course many celebrities are thankful for having the opportunity to be recognized in their field of work, but that doesn’t mean that sometimes they’re miserable.

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I think fame does play a part in a celebrity’s ego🤷🏽‍♀️

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I can not completely agree or disagree on this.

On one hand, changing yourself isn’t a good thing, for whatever reason it may be, as long as you don’t want to change.

But when you get popular, you have to change. Your fans will follow what you say blindly and your rivals and haters can use one sentence against you and before you know it, you are done for. It’s not good, but it’s necessary.


I agree… I don’t think people should change just because of fame and fortune. They can adapt, but not change completely. I feel like some of them are brainwashed. Especially when it comes to the music industry.

Reminds me of Emma Chamberlain.

Never watched her channel before LA, but it really seems that she doesn’t like being a Youtuber anymore, she rarely uploads.

But overall, yeah, people do change when fame comes in. I used to not believe this, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Lollll

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