Discussion: Fantastical Contest


The shelf for the Fantastical Contest is out now!
I’d like to congratulate the winners of the contest.
For those who also made one but didn’t win, don’t give up!


Thanks! :kissing_heart:


Thanks Star… it wa any first time entering a contest… so I can only get better right… lol


Congrats to all the winners, unfortunately none of my favorites cough @Alex_Af cough have won but I will give the winners a read!!


3 of my favorites made it there! I like the shelf so far, although I expected some other stories too.


I am a little bummed I and @Jassie12dw didn’t make it but its not like it matters a lot.


Congratulations to the winners! I’m happy to see Wincy and Bean in the shelf :heart:

Y’all better behave :new_moon_with_face:


I am low key most excited that the Troll story had a post notification of the ‘Share a Meme, Take a Meme, Memes Memes Memes!’

(I think, like 99.8% sure)


Thank you so much for your support, Jasmijn! Really means a lot to me!



Hahaha it did! I was using a screenshot from the forums and thought that there was no point in changing that thread name:D


Congrats to all the winners! I hope if there’s another contest I will do better! Now I can finally update lol.


Congratulations to the winners! Ahh I’m excited some of my favorites won. :laughing: Can’t wait to see what next contest brings.


They already choose the winners


I read 6 of the 9 winning stories, and they all definitely deserved to be up there!


Moonlit Feathers by @wincyyellow is sooooo good!! :heart_eyes:


I agree, I love all her stories! :heart_eyes:


She puts so much effort into all of them.
Absolute genius


Yeah, her stories are amazing! :sparkling_heart:


@writingwithwings @PaulParmar1 @granolias @GSG.episode and everyone else…

Thank you so much :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

I made it because of readers like you all. You are always supporting me :sob:

Congratulations to all the fellow writers too! I’m honored to be on the same shelf with you all.


What do you mean by behave? And thank you! I’m so shocked my story was chosen I was not expecting it at all. Very happy and I mean to check out the stories that also won that I had yet to read.