[Discussion] Favourite stories on episode, and why


In this chatroom you can basically share your favourite stories on episode(Can be 1 or more) and why you like it. This can also help other users that are in need of stories to read.
I’ll start!
My favourite story is Falling For Sin by @ceri.writes or C.E.R.I on episode. I love this story because it’s so realistic, It’s not the brightest story but the wording can make you cry and the characters are hot af.
Also, swearing ain’t tolerating kids. If you do swear, censor it out.

Like seriously

What are your favorite stories to read on Episode?

I :kissing_heart: Switching Genders, The Secret Of Rain, and My Episode Lover. Make sure to check it out. Remember; the first chapter of a story is always free :smiley:


Yeah, I’ve finished both The Secret Of Rain and My Episode Lover but I’ll make sure to check out Switching Genders.


awe, thank you so much! <3


Pitch Perfect - Pretty Little Liars - Clueless by Episode Creators

Envy by Cindy G


My favorite is What’s On Sunday by Nour Debian. It’s truly a good story. It made me laugh at the first chapter and that’s why I love it. The characters rly have real personalities and amazing.


I like 7 days a week by Rapunzel because it is funny and has minimal romance (I like some romance stories) but with this one it was easier to get into the plot and it was funny.


Venomous cause it was so refreshing to see a Hispanic MC, even tho it doesn’t say her nationality I’d like to think she is Mexican cause I’m Mexican too lol

And cause she didn’t need to have a makeover for her love interest to love her back cough cough


Four Kingdoms - It has an amazing plot and the characters are so well portrayed that I cry when the MC cries and I laugh when she laughed. It comes from deep within my heart.

ECLIPSIS - It has an amazing directing, amazing plot and choices that matters and of course the characters well very well portrayed and I could feel them.

Girl in Manhattan - It has amazing plot twists and is extremely well written.

The Trophy Wife - Amazing plot and amazingly directed.

The Shaw Brothers - The plot is amazing and characters are amazingly portrayed.

I would suggest you to read all the stories which I wrote above. They are truly amazing and I assure you will fall in love with these stories


Those are all great stories! I’ve read all of them and I agree.


I love your stories and they brought me so much joy so no, thank you for making such amazing stories! <3


I’m reading The Shaw Brothers already but I’ll try out the other ones. I have seen them around the app.


Blake. It’s really good,


I totally agree with you! We need more stories with Hispanic MCs. My story, Diary of a Middle School Teacher, has a Mexican MC as well.


Envy by Cindy G- I love the mystery elements, the pacing of the story, the character development, backgrounds and overlays, and directing.

Reputation by Mira Mira- Every single character has so many layers. The dialogues are superb, and I can’t even begin to describe how fantastic the directing is.

Mr. or Mrs. Right by M. Black- What I really love about this story is that the author has coded it in a way that the MC will actually follow through with the choices you make, unlike some stories where the MC actually ends up doing the opposite of what you choose. And even though it’s a story for adults over 25, there are no inappropriate sex scenes or really foul-mouthed characters. It’s a classy, elegant, tasteful story.


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@MariannaEscalante can I get the link? My passes will get refilled in the next hour so I prefer waiting till then to go in the app to read your story


Of course. Here it is:


Chain Reaction series by Miss Mj
Its just an Illusion series by Miss Mj too
Deep Attraction series by @LadyDianna
Falling for Sin by @ceri.writes
Adernaline by Evil Ebonni
Loving Latino by Hope moon
Hunting Bad by Hope moon too
Emerald by Stephanie Patrick
Love me Black and Blue by Effy Ameer



I’ve read almost all of those stories and you’re right they are amazing! I’m actually reading a few right now too.