Discussion: Feature story - Luck and Love or Hot Streak

Anyone read Luck and Love yet, if so, what do you think? I have only just started it!

luck and love?

is it the one about a girl working at casino. cause that is called hot streak on my phone

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It is the same plot, how strange that it’s different titles.

It’s called Hearts Wild on my phone

Is that normal to have different titles?

they did the same with the one called prosecutie. it also had two titles.Court Me i think it was

Hmm I just checked to see if those titles were on my app, but nothing!

Oh well back to the topic, what did you think of it, the beginning scene?

it sounded better.

it had a clichi mean girl. and the clichi bad boy love interest.

I dont like that she get offerd a job. like seriusly that is stupid. so clichi bad boy comes out of no where offering a job paying for her dream school. that is kinda clichi too

i thought this was a casino story. but unleash that job offer moves her to a casino i am out

What about the old guy with her in the casino? I kinda didn’t appreciate the idea there.

well he is a jerk. but that stuff happen. sexual harrasment.

also i kinda forgot he had been kiled or something. properly because the mc did litarraly not care about it. is she used to see dead people or something? since she did not care about A DEATH PERSON

Oh no spoiler alert. I only got to the part where she hits him. Oh well, and again I’m jealous of the hair haha!

oh sorry. i read all 3 chapters yeasterday cause i was stuck in a very long train ride and all the stories i read was waitning for updates

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It’s fine! :blush:

I thought it was against episode guidelines to promote casinos?

yeah me too

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I wish the episode team would stick to their own rules once in a while :sleepy:


What about promoting sexual harassment too!

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As part of the strike we should be reporting the episode official stories for the guidelines they break :joy::joy:

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Shhh stay on topic :joy: