DISCUSSION: Feeling Relieved

Don’t you guys feel so relieved, that you finish your story.

Like for example, I entered the Adventurous contest, but I didn’t get a chance to finish/publish on the deadline because life had me so busy, that I broke down because it was my first time entering a contest. Couple minutes later, my story is nearly complete and ready to publish, and you just feel really happy and determined that you did it, and people were still waiting for your story to be released.

P.S. Yes, my story is almost done, almost set to publish. :sunglasses: :tada: :blush:


:clap:t5: I’m excited to read it! I’ve never finished a story , but hopefully I do for the clue contest.

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You are entering!


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Yeah, I didn’t make it in time for the Adventurous Contest, so I want to try again.

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oh, okay. Good luck! :blush:

U mean u just didn’t know about the contest or?

I had a story but I didn’t have time to finish.

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u could still finish it, even though I didn’t make it in time, I am still finishing it until my first 3 chapters are out, but your choice. :wink:

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