Discussion: Fine Line


So a lot of people like Adrenaline, right? Well about her new story; Fine Line? I personally love it :heart_eyes:

Do you think it’s good, bad, okay?
Pop your thoughts below!


I really like Fine Line! It’s so interesting and although it’s pretty serious at times it still has aspects of comedy!


I didn’t read it yet. I will give it a read soon ! I love her story adrenaline so much…


That story fine line has the best directing ever!!! the story adrenaline has inspired me to write my own action story.


I know right ? I am writing a story on women empowerment too inspired by adrenaline.


I’m one of the very few people who started, but didn’t finish Adrenaline because I didn’t like it that much, but Fine Line is actually my newest favourite story on Episode. I don’t wanna talk about the directing because that’s usually not that important to me (but seriously how is she doing this??), but the characters, the dialogues, the storyline… The whole thing is just freaking amazing. After reading it, I couldn’t help but wrote a 10 lines long mini-essay to Evil Ebonni, only to find out she turned off her fanmail. I guess she has to live without knowing how much I liked it :smiley:



This story is everything!
@Evilebboni is so talented she is the one that inspires me to a episode story!


Agreed. Tau is Max too