Discussion: Gems and Premium Choices

Hello Everyone.

I recently checked out my story on the writing website and found out that there are now Gems + Gold Choices. You basically write GEMS or PREMIUM in between this “<“ and this “>” before the choice.

A lot of writers on Episode appreciate this because it shows “good coding”. A lot of people dislike it because they don’t want to pay gems just to read a story. The better choices are obviously hidden behind gem choices, but they make you pay.

I want to know your opinions on this. Do you like Gem choices or not? Do you not like them and rather have your story?

My opinion on this is disliking them. I rarely play any of the stories written from Episode officially, because they use gems and take away your full experience.


I dislike gem choices for the reasons you’ve mentioned.

Gold choices, however, are fine by me, as they are a nice way to show that a particular choice is important.


Yes, premium choices are fine with me too.

I agree with you entirely. The only circumstance in which I’ll read a story with gems is if I want to support the author. :blush:



What about choices that do not take away from the main storyline? The gem choices make it easier for writers to qualify for the writer’s payment.

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I usually hate them, since they’re super expensive and they tend to have the same structure: [free choice] be a dumb fuck/wear the ugliest outfit I could come up with or [premium choice] do the thing that any remotely intelligent human being would do/wear an amazing outfit. The second thing stresses me out. I don’t really care that much about the outfits, but when it comes to the MC’s attitude I always end up getting annoyed. It kinda ruins the experience for me.

However, if they’re cheap and don’t take anything away from the story, I don’t really mind them. In my opinion, one good use of gem choices would be if you have to decide between two things the premium choice allows you to choose both.