Discussion : Glitch Girl


What are your opinions on the new Joseph Evans story Glitch Girl which just got released!
This forum will be to discuss any and all opinions of the characters, plot, directing and more.

Glitch Girl: What about Glitch Girl, That's perfect, isn't it?

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Depending on the device you have.
It may take you an extra day or two for it to update with the story. :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to start reading!
Love that Joseph Evans has returned to his fantasy roots!:slight_smile:


I would think i’d get the freaking update since I have an iphone 8 but guess not :joy::joy:


You might get it in a couple hours!


So it’s an official episode story?


Yes it’s an official episode story.
I’m surprised that it’s out on my device.
I guess I got it early. Seems like most people didn’t.


I thought and I saw that it is going to get released on 25th of May…
But why it is out before it??
Damn it…
I have to update my version I guess but I think I just updated it…Well I’ll see…


Ack I need to get the update!!


HOLY CRAP THIS IS SO GOOD!! I mean I bit cliche in the first episode or two but after that SO GOOD!!!


Hmm, strangely enough, it doesn’t show up on his profile. It shows up on his recommendations & when you click on it, the other author icon takes you back to his profile.


I’m loving it so far!!!
Can’t wait for more!


It was supposed to be but Episode decided to release it early.
When you update the app.
You’ll receive the story.


I updated it and damn it my app isn’t opening…
How the heck am I gonna complete my story…let alone read that story. :sob::sob:


The story is way to fast paced for me I’m on the first episode and am extremely confused


Haven’t read it yet as my episode was having issues opening and when I uninstalled it it wasn’t downloading but now it has so I’ll read it tomorrow well basically today as it is past mid-night over here…


It’s alright. As someone stated above, the pace is too fast. I’m still confused on the plot. It seems really rushed. I definitely love the art tho.


MC talked like she knew the 2 guys who were introduced already x.x(confusing) overall well see its still too early to say if i like or hate or whatever its ok