This game, is absolutely AMAZING. All the voice cast, graphics, everything! Just simply amazing. I love the story-line, and some funny scenes to. Boy…Kratos reminds me of HHH from WWE. XD

What did you guys think about the game? That is if you played it, and or seen the cut-scenes or the entire video game being played by someone.


@Jeremy where ya at? Have u seen it? XD







sorry dont play this game. i am more the indie gamer type

and sims


ahhh ok. :blush:


I miss playing this game.


i have sims 1 sims 2 sims 3 and sims 4 on my computer. . i have a link can i send you to download sims 1 for your pc. its pretty easy


yes, message me


Never heard of it



It’s amazing


lol ikr




i didn’t play, but i saw stream, it’s amazing. The story is very good. everything was amazing.

Read it, bôy! :see_no_evil:


lol sweet


Haven’t played it yet, but it sounds interesting, so I’ll check it out! :wink:


I watched my brother play through it. It was incredible! But I feel like it ended too abruptly.


ikr, I wanted to see more of the ending.


I love this game to death. SHDCNUSDCUSINCU



ikr :sunglasses: