DISCUSSION: guys i really love writing my story

I’m so excited to be releasing my new story very soon. This is my first time writing an episode story and i can’t wait to hear your feedback. However while writing my script i feel like i can pour out my heart and vent. I feel like i can open up about things i could never tell a person irl. I will usually put my beliefs into other characters so that i can somehow talk about my feelings without it directly coming from me. At first the story was going to be a joke and it was supposed to be about me but i actually began to take it seriously lmao. I don’t think i can change the name because the url will still stay the same. the story is called “suri da baddie” but thats all i want to say. btw HAPPY NEW YEARSSS!!


That’s awesome so proud of you can’t wait to see it.

Enjoying writing and putting your heart and soul into your first story. Take your time do it at your pace and have fun with it.

You can also get beta reads if u want someone to read the first chapters.

Happy writing :heart:

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thank you so much… how do get beta reads?