Discussion : Haute As Hell

What’s your thoughts on the story? I LOVE it! So many good twists and turns so far:) its such a good story.
Also imo Episode needs more fashion stories and I love how many choices you get throughout photo shoots and the confessionals make it a feel like a real reality tv show .
Which love interest are you into? I’m totally into the producer Michael he’s exactly the bad boy type I love. Him and the MC are everything so far.
Are you excited for new episode? I am!
So discuss all your opinions on the story here.


I really like Haute as Hell. I think it would have to be my fav feature story. Did not see most of the plot twists coming. I think I’m into the producer more so because after I found out the other one was engaged it was a bit of a deal breaker lol. Only thing I didn’t like was in the first episode I had a gem choice to send in a cool video that I had already made. So that was pretty annoying


Yes I know! The engaged thing was deffo a deal breaker and I know he’s not with her anymore if you’re caught up but the fact that he even lied to you in the first place about that is sketchy.
I’m very excited to see new episodes. I wonder if it’ll get updated soon? I hope so. It’s a very well done story. The characters all have been made to feel some type of way towards them .


I hate it. MCs unlikable as frick no ones really likeable but i loathe the MC. Not Langdons best work imo.

Really? That’s like half the reason I like it; because the MC is unlikable lol

I tend to run across a lotta unlikeable MCs like that tho x3 but u like no judgement

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Imo it’s a solid story,
Episode is also in desperate need of more fashion stories imo.
Fashion is one of the biggest topics in modern day so I love the story.
Also I don’t find the MC unlikeable at all. I love her.


i do love fashion so i loved how each episode had the fashion “mini games”

but the attempt at diversity could have been better handled in story.
also, the story kinda shoves the MC & Producer together even if you don’t want the Producer as a romantic option.
i don’t dislike the Producer, but we should have gotten more of a choice.


I think we’ll get a choice at the end.
Because it’s still giving you the option of Aiden who was engaged but not anymore, Skyler who was the nerd & Michael the producer.
And yes I love the mini fashion games. And how your choices either make you in the bottom or best photo.
Are you excited for more eps?
Do you like the MC?

i definetly would like more episodes.
the MC was okay. i didn’t really notice anything annoying about her in particular.

but at the same time nothing really stood out about her. she’s not super exciting or unique.


I love her personally. But yeah she’s decent.
I also enjoy how you could customize your look every episode with your hair and makeup . Most of the time I kept it the same however it was nice to have the option

yeah, i liked that. it would be cool if the hair & makeup affected how you did in the fashion games too though !

I don’t think it’s the final choice though. I think we’re being “forced together” just so we actually have a reason to interact so we get to know the producer more


yeah, i assume we’ll get a final choice, but i’m not cool with the MC regularly banging someone who isn’t even my chosen love interest.



Do u think haute as hell is getting updated soon?
Has it been a long time since the last update? I just binged it the last few days

Ummm… not sure? It’s not like the other featured stories that get new updates once a week.

I’m assuming it’ll come out in a batch of eps .
Like Demi Lovato used to.
Or Pretty Little Liars!

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Love Haute As Hell it is one of my favourites I was leaning towards the producer as well as the other guy being engaged just wasn’t ok with.

With MC I don’t mind her I find her she a bit of a ho but with the realty show content and the photoshoots love it.

Loved this scene! :fire:

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