Discussion : Haute As Hell


The producer for me is female… I never picked for her to be female so I am very confused :frowning:


are the other love interests male ?

you probably chose to be bisexual.


Maybe I did accidentally… Awe I’m upset! I would have wanted the male option


The very first choice in the story (I think?) is the romance option and if I remember correctly, it’s not very clear. (It happens when you wake up next to someone.) Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but if you chose “I’m too drunk to remember that”, (I think that was the choice?) I think that was the bisexual option.


Ahhhh she should of made that way more clear


Yeah that sucks I’m sorry!
The male producer Michael is so so hot


Yeah, at the very least after you clicked it there should have been another choice “Selecting this means that you’d like to date both men and women. Is this correct?” I almost chose it but because the other options were “A man, obviously” or something, it made me think that it was the sexuality choice lol. Definitely wasn’t clear though!


Thanks for the awesome feedback guys :slight_smile:

I actually finished the story :). Just waiting for Episode to review the last episodes and give me a release date. I’m hoping for it to be released by next week but no promises, I’m not sure what they have planned.

@Jahstoriess Sorry about that! It was a common problem. But I corrected it as soon as I realized within the first week of the story release. You would probably have more fun with the sexuality of your choice (especially if you like Michelle’s character) so I would recommend re-reading.

@Starlynn I’m interested in your opinion of diversity how you think my attempt could’ve been better. For example, what were you expecting in terms of diversity in the story?

Thanks guys!


Big fan of yours! :smile: Loved the story :wink:


it’s pretty cool that as an author, you want to know our opinions & how to improve.

I think the best way to summarize my opinion is you included diversity, but never really went into it and used a character’s race, religon, sexuality, or disability as a topic of conversation between the characters or a plot point.
(other than with Robin being transgender, which i loved !!)

I don’t think that the more diverse characters are quite token characters, but somewhere along that direction.

For example, I noticed Reid said a phrase in Spanish & Shivangi is usually wearing a sari. i’m assuming that Reid is Hispanic and Shivangi is South Asian.
It would have been cool if we had short conversations where they mentioned their specific background or aspects of their culture.

The conversations don’t have to be long. Like, I also noticed Jen’s hair went from what I assume is chemicals straightened to Afro textured after the makeover.
yAss Queen, rock that natural hair
A couple bits of dialogue where Jen mentions the stigma against Afro textured hair she feels in society & her feelings with going natural would have been pretty cool, even if they were short.


Unfortunately, the challenges of writing a diverse story is that it does tend to offend in some way. I had to cut dialogue because of it for example Shivangi said something like “Back in India, blah blah.” Episode thought that even tho what Shivangi was going to say may be true… that it wouldnt sit right with some people. This is an ongoing trend, unfortunately when authors attempt to include diversity and people are upset with how they do it,they complain and it then becomes a problem. This is sad because it discourages authors and they are afraid to offend.

As for sexuality- not only was Robin a transgender woman but there was a huge gun violence scene centered around sexuality, yet you still don’t seem to think that I went into it.
As for disability- The MC’s mom has early onset Alzehmier’s disease which actually affects the MC greatly.

Apart from all this- Episode featured stories are much different than user stories. They tend to want you to get the plot moving and get to the point, Regardless of the cast, its a dramatic fashion reality show and thats the main focus. Incorporating diversity is one thing but to have every character comment about a certain thing or struggle wouldn’t be ideal or might go too much off topic.

Also from the feedback that I’ve received so far I see that the view of diversity is so different across the audience. For example, a lot of people were grateful for the diversity as in: Their ethnicity was represented or the ability to choose sexuality, the LGBT characters and at the same time some were complaining because they felt like it didn’t go into depth about religion and culture similar to what you are saying.

I try by best to accomodate but I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s really no way to make everyone happy in terms of diversity since its highly subjective.


I died. Can’t wait.


I LOVE the story!!!
You are amazing!


I love your story definitely the top favourite of mine keep up the great work


It’s actually a nice blend of comedy, and drama.

I’d rate it a strong 7 / light 8


It’s a very strong story.
Any romantic options you are leaning towards?


What did everyone pick for their ending?


Michael the producer :woman_shrugging:
And I didn’t leak the video.
What did you choose?


Same as you. I thought if I didn’t leak the video, someone else would expose it anyway.


I figured leaking the video would somehow come back to bite me in the butt :joy: