Discussion: Honest opinions of Episode

Oh ok. How could I find that post? Thanks.

It’s this one!


I despise the rude remarks they make, it’s salty and unprofessional. :woman_facepalming:


Thank you so much!!!

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I put something in it about Forums and that was off topic

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I agree.

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Stop flagging posts. It’s childish. Stops people having an opinion.

(Not aimed at Shani_Theo)



I’m not being dramatic, plenty of people don’t like ISWAB and IMO (I don’t know what that is).

Please don’t causing arguments. This was supposed to be a place of friendly discussion rather than calling out someone for being dramatic.

Calm down.

This isn’t TELEVISION. This is EPISODE which is a completely different thing


Why should it be considered as different?
Both are very similar.

I’m done commenting on this any further because I agree that this thread is really unnecessary and makes everyone look bad.

Ok. Drama is throughout the community though and that is included in this topic.

They are similar but not the same which makes them different. Television appeals to a different audience. Most of the stories on here are written in peoples free time or for fun and television is produced for the wider public for money.

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You don’t think Episode capitalizes? There are commercials, passes, and gems. Episode writing a script is very similar to TV producers writing a script.

So why get so angry at the brilliant Episode writers for doing similar things to TV writers?

My honest opinion:


Everything (almost) on Episode is based on romance.
More LGBTQ+ representation.
Plus a lot of Episode authors are racist.
The sexism needs to stop.
I’m sick of bad boys.
I want more POC MCs.
More body types!
Tomboyish clothes?
Gender neutral clothing too!
Episode is personally targeting some people on here.
Episode is biased.
We’re definitely being silenced.


Please read the topic again. I’m not getting angry at the readers. It’s a discussion topic on peoples honest thoughts of Episode including the community and app itself.


Okay. My honest opinion is that Episode should keep doing what they’re doing, because they’re freakin’ killing it. :heart:

I agree with you.
While I love a good romance story, There are too many featured stories with it in.
I agree we need more clothes that represent everyone. I’ve never seen a racist episode author but I don’t doubt they are there.

P.S. Love your profile picture :heart:

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Thanks for your opinion. I agree they are doing well but some things need to change

The “sassy black friend” trope is a racist stereotype. Thanks, it’s Suga from BTS.


Oh yeah I have seen that a few times. I like BTS although I’m more of a BIGBANG fan :+1:.

I think if we had an updated diversity standards perhaps racism in episode would decrease

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