Discussion: Honest opinions of Episode

that’s a great idea. We should also get notifications of when new stories have been added to our recommended. I’ll add that to the list :slight_smile:


Also @NightsInVienna it contradicts Episode’s guidelines, it is up to as a community to spread awarness on issues and stories like these, it assures us that we know stories like “Your dad, my daddy” won’t get banned for no such reason, and stories like “Sore Loser” will. :heart:



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Btw, Do you know what story IMO is? It was mentioned but I’m not sure what it was.

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what did you mean when you said IMO? just curious.

Edit your post as it’s now off-topic.

This conversation is getting counterproductive and weird. I’m done responding to this. :wave: I just tried to state my opinion that Episode’s doing nothing wrong but instead I was attacked. So goodbye.

And IMO = in my opinion. :roll_eyes:

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I agree with you on the Diversity Standards.

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I also like the recommendations of stories based on what we read, kind of like Goodreads.


Thanks lol!
VIP all the way

No problem.
Your bias? Mine is GD and TOP.

I wholly agree with all the aforementioned points. I hadn’t thought of it before, but now I can’t stop thinking about how much I would love to see some 2018-2019 Episode Diversity Standards.
In terms of the survey, I agree that including only four questions led to a very restricted format for communicating all my (conflicted) feelings about Episode. My answers were pretty condensed, but I tried to touch base on the aspects of Episode that were most important to me.
On the negative side, I primarily focused on my hopes for Episode to more strictly adhere to and enforce their own guidelines in order to make the Episode community a safer and more inclusive environment. I essentially just reiterated all of the thoughts expressed throughout this thread.
However, on the positive side, I explained that what draws me to Episode is the ability to create literary work of my own, as well as reading the original work of other writers like me. In my opinion, the community aspect of Episode is what sets it apart from other writing/interactive-storytelling mediums (which is why I believe it is so important that the Episode team vigilantly makes changes as necessary in order to keep our community a safe place for authors and readers of all ages and backgrounds, starting with the very content they produce and promote).


I love your response! I also agree that episode should make necessary changes and you saying they should ‘Vigilantly’ is the perfect explanation.

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Ok, so thanks for this thread. The survey really got me thinking and I was disappointed that there was no “please explain your answer further” option, so this topic will do :slightly_smiling_face:

What I don’t understand with this beta testing is, even if it is like what @FallenAngelNight13 night said:

How come as little as 5 people can find so many errors within the first day it’s released? How can we spot things that 1000 people couldn’t in the months or so that they’ve been “testing” it? Do beta testers not understand that they need to be testing this feature for everyone? In my opinion this has nothing to do with testing new features more, but it’s about who’s testing them.

And just a little side note… The speechbubble and skin tone updates were announced that they were coming soon, but the elusive feed feature that’s been circling for what feels like ages has never been mentioned. And I am pretty sure the tappable overlays haven’t had their official announcement either. I would like to see the announcements become more consistent. Either a coming soon post for everything or no coming soons for anything.

And another side note again… Tbh, I feel like I miss out on a lot of things (like announcements and certain updates that they don’t post in announcements on forums) because I’m not part of the Instagram community. I wish I didn’t feel so excluded just because I don’t have a particular form of social media, but when you find out things because people are posting screenshots from insta here, how else am I supposed to feel?

It Started With A Bra could have been handled so much better than what was published. I see it on the app and just feel disappointed in episode. I understand that basically all readers who aren’t authors will probably only read the featured stories, so I’m sure there is probably a huge audience for It Started With A Bra, but for the amount of concerns that were raised here in the forums, someone from the team should have really just said “Ok, time to admit we made a mistake” and delete that story from the app.

But no!

Instead… I am getting notifications every time they publish a new episode. Stop notifying me when a new episode comes out! When it comes up with that question, do you want to be notified when there’s a new episode, I say no! And this isn’t just with It Started With a Bra, this has happened with every featured story. I always click no because I’m on the app like everyday, so I don’t need a push notification. I know featured stories are known for rejecting choices that you select, but still… Do not give me the choice if you’re just going to reject what I choose!

On the fence about this, tbh. I feel like there are times my concerns have been heard, or I see someone else’s post be addressed later on too. Then there are other times where it feels like we are just being brushed off. But I think it’s hard because the mods on the forums aren’t actually episode, so most of the time when we’re getting brushed off it is only because it’s not their job to fix our concerns, but to advise us to send tickets, etc. Maybe an official thread could help like you @southampton23 said, but I see that as one staff member that would constantly have to be on forums basically 24/7. Then that could mean background and overlay approvals could take longer because they’re a staff down. Or maybe something else would be sacraficed, idk…

Also, I think this should be unnecessary because most of our concerns are things that are just common sense. Do we really need an official thread to tell an admin that It Started With A Bra is problematic? Or to tell you that the default positions for the speechbubble are way off? I would like to think that these things would be obvious for any adult who uses the app for more than 10 minutes. Unfortunately, I’ve been proven wrong here because we have all these threads and yet no solutions for our concerns so…

Uhh… well, yeah. Even featured stories that I somewhat enjoyed still had a few scenes that had me going :flushed: However, I think episode would argue that they’re not breaking the guidelines technically.

I’m going to use the Baby Project as an example for this one… There was a scene to lose your virginity to your love interest (I don’t think he was actually your boyfriend at the time btw), and before going to his house, you were given a gem choice to wear sexy underwear “just in case”. Then at his house you could “cuddle” or “go all the way”. And basically you kiss on a bedsheet background and then it’s a transition. I think you talk about it a bit afterwards, but that’s all. Technically doesn’t break any guidelines because it wasn’t graphic, but
I think it’s still a problem that a featured story that is forced down every new reader’s throat whenever they open the app contains such content when the choice to have sex wasn’t even necessary for the plot.

As for those featured stories that promote bullying (you all know the ones), episode is going to give them a pass by calling it a prank, so… We avoid breaking the guidelines once again…

And I just want to bring this up again…

Like WTF!!! How are we supposed to let you know the problems with your featured stories if you don’t even let us report them to your attention. This is why we have so many threads on the forum complaining about certain featured stories.

Yes, would love this! I read romance but would like to still have variety too for when I’m in a different mood. I would also love to see how an episode official story would handle another genre.

This would be amazing!


The ads for Episode are probably meant to attract romance obsessed teenagers and children, so a lot of the stories will be romance ridden trash. Episode probably will only listen to suggestions and stuff if they get a bunch of money from it since they need to pay a lot of the authors. I think Episode should use romance free ads and some romance ones and make some romance free stories along with romance stories, so a lot more people would download it and there would be many more types of stories. Then they should listen to forums suggestions more, so then people would not feel ignored so people would use Episode more and boom they get a lot more money. I don’t actually hate Episode but it kind of seems like an evil money sucking corporation. I’m really not trying to be mean but that’s how it seems to me. I know they’re not all evil though.


And if a story breaks the guidelines but has millions of reads, they probably won’t take it off because they would get a bunch of money from ads and maybe gem choices.


Agree with you on all of this.

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I don’t that much like episode being a bit over the top. nearly all the stories have the same story


I think the Episode platform needs to be changed overall. As the platform grown, there has been some things that were added that should’ve been added. I feel like they should change some of the stipulations of the reader retention guideline. I know that Episode is a busy platform, but I still think that changes should be made to appeal to both readers and writers.


I agree!! also does anyone know why there are bunch of flagged posts when there is nothing wrong?