Discussion: How do you like intros in stories? (with poll)

  • No Intro (just go straight into the story)
  • Just every once in a while have one when the author has an important announcement
  • Intro in every episode where you get to see the author

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So, recently I’ve been seeing a lot of hate on some authors with some different types of intros they do… Some people like seeing the author in every episode, others don’t… So, what is your opinion? Do you like to hear what the author has to say in every episode, only have them appear when they have important announcements, or just cut right to the chase and start the story? (intros do not include stuff like “this story uses sounds and music” and stuff like that… I’m talking about seeing the author)


I think that if it’s necessary to say something, it’s okay to put a intro, but I don’t like when in every episode I have to see the author saying something that isn’t really important :sweat_smile:

(sorry for my English, it isn’t my first language)


Maybe in first 3 chapter , I don’t want to see Author being here or there , it’s just make me less connected with story​:sweat: after 3rd Episode , maybe for some important thing you can add Author :thinking:


Yes, I agree! There are certain stories where I enjoy seeing the intro in every episode but there are others who do it and I’m just like come on get to the story already… So, that’s where I was kind of curious as to what other people prefer…


Yeah, that makes sense! Honestly, in the first episode if the intro is too long, I’ll just move onto another story… :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Me too. It’s boring , because you entered to see the story and Author is just saying English isn’t her language , and Blahhhh…lots of thing​:tired_face::zipper_mouth_face:


Yes! That bothers me too because they are either like “English isn’t my first language so bare with me” or “The first few episodes are gonna be short because it’s just the intro” or “This is my first story so please don’t hate on me!”… Well, first of all, normally when the say English isn’t there first language. they actually talk really good in English. Second, if I read the story I’ll find out eventually the chapters are gonna be short… And third, if it’s your very first story and you don’t have confidence in yourself, I’m not gonna have confidence in your story… Lol I know this is like a rant but this does have to do with intros sooo :joy::joy:


:dizzy_face:you typed that much​:dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::astonished:
Though, agree. I means ya we all can have little mistake and guys if you are publishing story , just have little confidence :wink:it’s the key afterall.


I only like them if they serve a purpose and aren’t too intrusive. For example, something like, “Choices after this chapter will effect your love interest.” or, “Aesthetic choices won’t effect the outcome, so choose whatever you like!”


I voted to ‘no intro’ because it usually annoys me so much I often quit before the actual story starts, especially if it takes too long. But I have to add I’ve seen some intros in a very few stories that I kind of enjoyed reading. I’ve recently finished a story in which the author showed up in every single chapter, both at the beginning and at the end, but she managed to make her appearances interesting and pretty funny, so to my surprise I wasn’t bothered by it at all.