DISCUSSION: How do you plan a story?

Hey lovelies!
I am in the process of writing my story, and I got to thinking: How do other people plan, and what is their thought process?

Please let me know your response to the question, I’m excited to see what you all say.
I believe this will also help future writers as well as they attempt to write their first story.

Let the discussion comence! :partying_face:


I usually start with writing down any ideas that come to mind, general plot, scenes I want included, how I want the MC’s personality. I generally write mystery, so the main mystery, a climax, resolution.
Then start formatting it in the order I want things to happen. Then start a rough episode sketch, or what big event I want to occur in each episode, and fine tune from there.
The story I’m working on right now literally stemmed from a one scene dream I had, and I’m forming an entire story off that one idea, and it’s my first time trying to not plan it out so perfectly before starting so we’ll see how it goes :upside_down_face:


Wow that’s really good actually! Thank you so much!

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It just come in my head and I write with the flow. Sometimes I plan.


I would be thinking for a good plot at night where my brain works 100%
Yup I would get some good ideas I would be writing it down and mention the bg and characters byside which makes it more easier while coding

I would always have a bunch of papers with notes which contains outfit style I want for that scene, backgrounds of that scene and all the characters
so when I start to code I finish much faster
Planning will be not episode vise for me I do scene vise, So when I do scene vise I plan all those above said stuff for each scene and I decide to add 7-8 scene for a episode
I usually wont write down dialogues, I will go with the flow when I start coding

But yeah at midnight I will find a good and catchy statement which I will be noting down
And plan some dialogues like 20 % the rest is on the spot work

Hope this helped
Say your thoughts about it!!


Thank you so much!

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I’ll get ideas from the most absolute random things. My current story that I’m writing I got the idea from a song I heard on the radio, and I thought, “it’d be cool to take this vibe and turn it into a story” So naturally I did.

As far as planning goes, I’ll usually start with vague images in my head then try to write around it. I’m some what of a panster writer, so my plot’s aren’t ever really too vague, I just come up with a few key things I want to include, then organize it so the order makes sense, then write around it so I have enough leeway to add other ideas I may have.

For executing my writing, on episode I’ll usually try to come up with a main idea for a chapter, then write the dialogue first as a rough draft just so it’s easier for me to see what it is im writing and not skip anything while I’m trying to mess with code. Just to avoid anything sounding weird and all.

Instead of hopping right into the story, I’ll usually plan intros and creative ways to get the reader’s attention and get them more engaged, just try to brainstorm different things


I usually sort out my ideas in my mind and then start making dialogues in my mind. Once I feel it’s good enough I start writing it down. I know that it is not possible for everyone to sort it out in mind so I recommend you to write your ideas on a page and then decide what you will do.

I am only good at sorting out my stories in my mind and not studies :joy::rofl:


I haven’t started writing yet but I have my whole story planned out :joy: I just wanna go with the flow but I mostly get ideas all of a sudden… Then I write down the ideas in my pc in journal. And when I’m not home, I go outside to study, I just write the ideas in my notebook :relieved::joy:


I first planned it out on google docs the ideas for the main event and then after that, I do dialogues and other scenes for the episode.
I also planned out on www.storyplanner.com that what I did for my current story Before I planned out my story I do research on whatever the main important topic is important and what I want to learn from it then I do the planning process-- take along to on research part.

After this I make the outfits and stuff actually I do this awhile planning out my storyline and I also practice on coding for a bit awhile I’m working on the storyline not publishing it just improving on coding and writing


Hi !!! So usually I write it all down on my note pad about details and mostly the plot . But at the same time I try to not over think because that will make it not fun to me anymore lol !! But I just sit back and get creative !! And each chapter I write down what it will be about and make sure I stick to the plot !! :slight_smile::heart:


I often first write down what the basis of the story is about, and then write down different notes of what I want to add. Then, I write out basic bullet points of the plot to have as a guideline. I plan each episode separately with bullet points of what needs to happen in each, having at least 5 bullet points of what needs to happen with subpoints beneath them if notes or further explanation is needed. Then I use these bullet points of each episode to build upon and write the episode, coming up with dialogue and actions as I write.

Before I go and plan the episode, however, I plan out the main characters in depth. I give them each their own section to write down basic information as well as a more in-depth analysis of each of them. I make sure to include basic information such as their age, gender/pronouns, name, height (usually), clothing style, and role. For more in-depth information I include their backstory, motivations, strengths and weaknesses, and other important information.


I don’t know. I just wrote my plot summary down, like, yesterday, since I trashed my last one.

I just have a basic idea for the story: general plot progression, climax, settings, characters, etc. Then, I go deeper into those ideas episode by episode, and I add more details as I go on.

It’s a mix of minimal planning, improvisation, and going with the flow. :sweat_smile: That’s probably why my story sucks.


I’m a night owl for starters. :eyes:
I guess I initially think of the sort of genre I want and then start mind mapping. If that doesn’t work, playing music almost always does - particularly on piano. I like to have detailed exact descriptions of characters and episodes (amongst other things) usually started by some sort of aesthetic, then expanding on those initial ideas or even changing them completely. I make sure I have a lot of backgrounds and overlays before writing and POOF, that’s the basis of my process. :new_moon_with_face:


I have a very weird method, I start off by playing my characters out in the sims :joy: like I’m not even joking. I think by playing my characters out in the sims I get to develop their personalities better, their tendencies, sense of style, how they get along with other characters. After that I outline their goals, weaknesses, purpose in the story and motivations. I think those four things are extremely important when planning


Hmm… Usually I come up with the general plot of the story and the message I want to convey through it. Then I think of the setting/theme and then the characters.

I spend most of my time planning out my characters and the storyline. I think it’s really important to know what you want your main character to go through. Outline how you want to start the story and then how you want to end it. Then brainstorm what are the important events to start the story and lead them to the end. :thinking:

What are the conflicts your character faces? What is stopping them from reaching their goal? How important is it to them?

As long as you have these core ideas, you’ll be able to write your story better and not risk having a writer’s block or not knowing where your story is heading to. You might change them as you continue with your story but it probably won’t deviate a lot from your original purpose of writing your story.

I’m speaking this from my experience and I’ve only attempted this method recently. It works well for me and I hope that it’ll help you. :blush: