DISCUSSION: How do you prefer to publish new chapters?


Hi everyone,

I’m interested to find out what everyone thinks about this topic…

I know there’s some authors that publish a new episode each week, and I know there’s some who release their chapters in batches, and then there’s some who post one once in a blue moon. So I want to know what you all prefer.

Readers, do you prefer a bunch of chapters all at once, or do you like to anticipate a weekly updates or do you like to be surprised with an update?

Authors, do you do weekly updates (and if so, HOW???) or do you post several chapters at a time or spontaneously update? And are you happy with how you update or would you rather change your publishing style?


I try to publish one episode a week. It rarely works out (lol) although I have one story where I managed to update at least once a week (until the final episode, but that was 11,000 lines long with all the branching and basically no overlap between the different storylines :upside_down_face:).
I start feeling extremely guilty if it’s been more than two weeks with no update.

I rarely do batches. I personally find it works better (for me) to just keep updating one episode regularly. However, because of the way I do my branching and my choices, sometimes I need to post two episodes together so that I can make sure everything works/fits the line limit before publishing.

I wish I could publish more frequently! I envy those authors who can pop out new episodes every few days :sweat_smile:. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will ever be possible for me but if I don’t procrastinate, once a week is definitely doable.
Related note: I tried giving estimated publishing dates once. When I failed to meet one (partly because of backgrounds, partly because of laziness), I got a lot of angry fanmail. So I will never do that again :joy:

As a reader, I am fine with either batches or one at a time. It doesn’t really bother me and I understand authors have lives lol. But I’ll be honest- if it’s been well over a month, I do start to “forget” about the story and I’ll be less likely to read it as soon it’s updated. There are a few stories in my favourites that I’m waiting on to be completed before I continue reading.
There’s one story that I read which updates weekly and I don’t think I’ve ever had to re-read a chapter. It’s amazing :grin:. Massive kudos to the author since I know it’s not easy.


I think estimated publish dates is tricky, especially when everyone is in different time zones.

My question to you is… Say you post the first three chapters published, do you have the fourth one already done and just doing some final editing? Or do you start it after you’ve published the first 3?


Oh the time zone thing doesn’t matter to me. I think most people in Australia (for example) would realise that they could be in a different time zone. I was off by a few days, not just a few hours :sweat_smile:

Ah well my last story was for the Spotlight contest. I had just over a week to put it together (since I decided to enter last minute) so I didn’t have a chance to start episode 4. However, I always plan the next episode before publishing (or at least plan a rough draft of what’s going to happen), just so I know that I’ve included everything that I need to.

For my previous stories, it was never possible to start writing episode 4 before publishing the first 3 because back then you couldn’t select which episodes to publish.
For my next story, I’m planning on writing the entire thing before publishing anything. I’m not sure if I’ll stick to this plan, but I’d like to take some of the stress and pressure off myself. I’d like to write and direct everything first (except for maybe some minor adjustments) and then release 1-2 episodes a week (after releasing the first 3 or 4 episodes).


Lol, fair enough.

I never knew that you couldn’t chose the amount of episodes you wanted to publish. I personally have always had the next 1 or 2 chapters in the works when I publish something (except for the contest entries).

Good luck with your next story. Hopefully it works for you :slightly_smiling_face:


They added that feature… I think in August last year? Could have been slightly earlier. Before that you had no say. If you started a new episode and needed to make adjustments to previous episodes, you couldn’t do that without publishing the new episode :neutral_face:

Thanks! :smiley:


As a reader I don’t have a preference if it’s 1 episode at a time or batches. When people take too long to update (like several weeks or months between) each episodes I lose interest. There are just SOOO many stories out there that I usually move onto something that’s interesting and updated regularly.

As a writer I attempt to release 1 episode a week, I’ve mostly been able to do that well. Had a few weeks that were late but hey I’m only human.

How? Well I ask myself this constantly lol. It’s become easier to write scripts as time passes. I’ve memorized most of the animations and estimated spot on the screen. I do rough write ups and use # in my script with notes. Like #add zoom and fix spot. When I’m in my writing mode I just keep writing out mostly dialogue and simple spot/walking coding, once I have the extra time I go back and code the overlays or zooms or whatever else. If possible I try to get on the portal each day and slowly work on it. It just depends how busy my days are.


Wow! I’m just amazed you can estimate a spot!

Do you have pre-written episodes up your sleeve as a back up or do you write the episode within the week?

And have you received backlash because you have been “late” to update?


I literally post an Episode once in a blue moon…Ima pretty sure meh readers are mad at me for taking too long. :joy::ok_hand:


Lol, I’m the same :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
If you could, would you want to change your updating style?


Of course! If only I had time though…I’m quite busy…:disappointed:


Author’s answer: I publish new chapters whenever I finish them (assuming I don’t have to wait for a background to be approved).

Reader’s answer: I’m not terribly concerned about others’ publishing schedules. Not everyone has much time on their hands as I do, after all, and I can always follow them on Instagram if I must know when new eps are out.


Are your chapters still published relatively close together (as in a week or two) or do you take months? And if the latter, do you get fanmail from people asking you to update more often?

  1. It depends on how quickly I can finish them.

  2. I turned off fanmail but I never had any complaints.


I’ve spent way too much time spot directing lmao. I can guess scales and horizontal/vertical placement numbers. 50 is toward the left, 150 is toward the middle and 250 is toward the right. It works for the rough draft and I can easily edit the perfect placements later on.

I keep a notebook with drafts of “events” I want to take place, almost like a list. Then when writing I try to see what I can fit in without making the episodes too short or long. I try to stay within 10-15 minutes.

My story doesn’t have a ton of reads or anything but everyone has been nice and supportive. I’ve had no hate yet. People are just excited to see what happens next and they are impatient. Plus they probably have no idea how long it takes to write an Episode. I had no idea it took so many hours to get just 1 episode out there. I’m definitely more understand now that I know haha


I’m still amazed!

I think that’s one thing everyone underestimates when they first transition from reader to writer. I know I did.


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: