[Discussion] How long does it take you to finish your novel? Tips to write faster?

Hey guys, I’m curious to know how much time you spend to complete a novel? Is there any coding tips that allow you to speed up the directing process?
I’m half way through my first novel and realize how much time I have spent on it. It took me more than a year to get to this point with 15 episodes (2000 lines/ episode) . A strong feeling of uncertainty hits me recently. “Am I writing too slowly?” or “Will this be outdated when it’s released?” etc. Personally, I wish I could write faster but with a full time job, it seems impossible for me to pass the 1 chapter per 3 weeks limit. This makes me respect authors who are committed to finish like a 60-episode novel more than ever.


Personally when writing a novel I try to write at least 1000-1500 words a day.

You can create a few writing routine, you could always try to write 1500 words three times in a week, but if possible writing for a few minutes every day is okay. The goal is to build the habit.

Don’t worry if you’re less productive someday than the other.


Thanks for your reply. You are absolutely right about building a habit. I will try my best to be more self-disciplined.

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