Discussion: How many times do you replay a story?


I’ve been wondering this question for quite some time.
Episode has many stories and some have many different plot and endings or different love interest with different stories, so with that, I was wondering if any of you replay stories for a different outcome and if so how many times? And why if you’d like to answer.

  • 1 Replay
  • 2 Replays
  • 3 Replays
  • 4 Replays
  • 5 Replays

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it really depends on how good the story was tbh


I reply on when I messed up lol or when I actually enjoy the story…
To be honest, I was pick the same choices lol :joy:
I replayed @Marshmallow_O stories like 3 times and still picked the same choices lololol.


i either replay if it’s one of my favorites or i messed up lol


i don’t :joy::joy:


I never replied lolll

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I only replay if I loose relationship points with a character I like lol

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I almost never do unless the story is only three or four episodes long BUT if I got a “bad” ending because of one wrong choice, I refuse to reread :rofl::see_no_evil:

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I replayed Shroud all five times as well as Jamie and I and Hello?.
The first two was for the fun and the endings/bonus scenes.
No matter what I did, I died every time in Hello?.

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