Discussion: How Often Do You Get Writers Block?

I feel like I use to get writers block very often when I first use to write. But, now I don’t get it no more I guess because I plan out what I want in my story and I free write a lot. I take breaks as well because everybody deserve a break from all this coding!


I get writers block all the time. At this point, I honestly don’t feel that I’m suited to continue writing it. Maybe I the thought of another high school story (despite the twists and turns I had in mind) isn’t what I want to read since every time I look at my drafts, I don’t want to reread them, even though it sounds exciting to read, which is a problem. Maybe I need a co-writer to help me out, but Idk. :thinking:


All the time

Take a break that’s what I do. All that coding and stuff can get annoying


I get Writer’s block once two weeks lol. So I just read story books to get my inspiration back!!


I get it 24/7 :laughing::laughing::laughing:
I know what your feeling :relieved:


i have 3 stories in the making. I have writer’s block in 1. sooo i think once a year… but it’s a very long one. usually have it for 2-3 months

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I usually go 2 hours of straight coding then I get a headache, I eat (sometimes nap teehee) and if I have a personal deadline I go back to coding but if I am not feeling it I just stop and resume the next day :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Can anyone relate???

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hey, if ur seriously thinking abt a co-wri
iter, I would be happy to help u out :slight_smile:

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Too often.

use to get it all the time. I have wrote in a few years but i’m planning a meeting story and really motivated. planning the story line out and characters background etc currently.
I even have a second story planned with the characters :joy:

I get writer’s block every two hours 🥲 Sucks to be me

Ugh a lot, but when I’m motivated, I write constantly. There’s no in between and it’s annoying :sob:

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