Discussion: How would you Define the world today?

I think everyone can agree to the fact that the world today is highly controversial and out of control to a certain extent. The world that we live in today isn’t like it was 100 years ago or 500 years ago. Times has changed, and so did we has human beings. Majority of time you wish it was a peaceful world to live in, but it isn’t like that anymore :woman_facepalming:t4: To be honest, I think the world today is very dangerous and controversial to live in. So how would you define the world today?


Ok. I just wanted someone to explain how the two are related :woman_facepalming:t4:

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I don’t think the world was ever fully peaceful, that whole peacefulness disappeared after Eve took a bite out of the apple. People have became very hateful, selfish, and unfair, unjust, and evil. But I also focus a lot on how amazing and beautiful the world can be without all the evil-ness. There are kind, fair, caring people out there who are actually smart and mature and they don’t judge people by their race, culture, hobbies, interests, etc. There are many old souls out there and we need much more, Earth is beautiful and has many pretty landforms and species, but many, many humans are ruining this Earth more each day, but a lot of other humans are kind and smart and try to keep this planet here and not destroy it. I feel like the world is terrible, but also amazing at the same time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting perspective.

I don’t think the world was ever peaceful. But the wonders of civilization are truly amazing.


Well true, the world wasn’t really peaceful, but I don’t think that much drama existed 1,000 years ago :woman_shrugging:t4:


Agreed. But 1,000 years ago, women were considered property and slavery was ok.


Its kinda awful. Its always been pretty sh1tty
Adding on scary too


I would say scary. The choices people decide to make every day can possibly destroy the world we live in, and nobody cares. What I think is scary is how human is its own worst enemy…


Agreed. The world can be really really terrifying.


A confusing place. :upside_down_face:


I’m not sure how to explain my best stance without getting too “political.” So, to avoid that, the best way I can explain my general opinion is, I think many of us tend to think things are worse off than what we actually are. Why? I have no idea, to be honest. I can only guess…

Has our generation had it “too easy” and has this somehow resulted in entitlement complexes? We think we “deserve” everything simply because we exist. In reality, our ancestors and elders earned everything they had. They didn’t ask for, nor would ever WANT handouts. They didn’t expect anything from anyone…ever.

Social Media has made us connect worldwide, yet, also results in us all feeling lonelier and more isolated than before. Is this why we resort to more and more desperate actions for attention?? Likes, hearts, and comments can’t ever replace face to face communication. It cant replace the feeling of being with real people with a cooler, a bonfire, and some good music being played loud from your car speakers. Us. humans, are social creatures and we depend on socialization more than we want to admit. Todays “socialization” is not “real” socialization… it’s a substitution for socialization… and its turning out to be much more harmful than we would also like to admit.

There are plenty of other reasons, which I cant mention because it runs to fine of a line on politics. So, this will have to do.

the world was never peaceful, well not most of it anyway. theres been periods of time when some people have had peace but it fluctuates. theres always been war, and nearly everywhere theres been racism, sexism, etc. and there still is. theres always been division and differing opinions and people fighting for very different beliefs. the world has always been controversial and dangerous. however since media is so present and fast now, we hear a lot more of it.

Honestly, if I could, I’d live on earth 8000 years ago. sure, politics, crimes, social media whatever. But has anyone ever thought about just how stressful today’s world is? You are born and you’re already expected to start learning stuff, you then go to school and then to work and there’s a whole life track you have to follow or you end up homeless. There’s money you have to earn to get absolutely everything in life and you can’t just do whatever the hell you want freely, like 70% of the people in the world have nomophobia (basically addiction to cellphones) which is legit a thing I hate, I wish I was able to just smash my phone and never use it again, that little metallic thing makes my anxiety and stress levels go up so, so high. And also, no one gets enough sleep, at all. And so. Many. More. Things

Yeah, I would very much like to live in a time where people have at least the potential to be relaxed and happy and there was quite, I’d probably die at 20 being a mother to 6 children but at least I’d have a nice and short, not as stressful, miserable and way too long one.

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