Discussion: I Married A Millionaire (Featured)

Episode just released a new story. I Married A Millionaire by Earlgreytea. The non-featured version is amazing. I just wanted to show off the new animations and clothing!


All the gem prices are low! So, prepare to see a lot of outfits. They also have a lot of new animations in this story :eyes:


Ooo love the non featured, love earlgreytea anyway. These outfits are AMAZING, and I love that it’s an earn gems story too


The scenes for each dresses were too quick, but I managed to grab this one. The other choice is pretty as well.


If you don’t use gem choices you get the dialogue from the original story. If you do pick gem choices you get new dialogue, scenes and some of the old dialogue.

This story is full of new backgrounds as well :eyes:


Is this in beta or do we all have it?

I honestly couldn’t get into the non-gem version, BUT I do like a lot of the author’s other work, so I’m looking forward to giving this one another shot. :blush:


I believe it is a beta. It seems like I’m the only one who has it right now lol. The featured version is pretty much the same with a few differences. But the animations, backgrounds, and clothing is the best part. I agree with you.

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I have it!

Very distressed to see there’s now a “pin girls to the wall” animation, but I did like that she kicked him when he did this.


We need this animation! I’m very much in love with it. Hahah I said the same thing. It’s nice to know episode has kept most of the original scenes.


My one critique for the first chapter is that there were no choices that were free whatsoever after the CC.


I noticed that too. I feel like it has something to do with the original story not having many choices. This version has a lot more choices.


It doesn’t bother me as much as it might otherwise because the non-gem option is often some variation of “get away from me, you creep,” which is usually how I want the MC to respond anyway. :sweat_smile: It would be nice to have a little say in even how the dialogue varies without spending gems.

One thing that did bug me was the initial outfit gem choice. I spent gems on the purple skirt outfit because I thought, with it following the CC, it would be a default outfit like the gem outfits in the opening of Bloodlust. She changed out of it before the pilot even ended, and now I am out 15 gems. This is why I NEVER spend gems on clothes. Plus, they mistook the MC for a model because I was wearing the gem outfit, but I still had to pay 29 gems if I wanted to model. What was even the point of the gem outfit, then?


I said this same exact thing! It really bothered me. It was obviously a failed attempt on a gem choice. Most of these gem choices for dialogue and scenes are new. They aren’t in the original story. But when you click on the non-gem choices you actually get the original dialogue. Which I prefer as well because she’s more standoffish. Whereas the gem choices make her seem pressed.


That may be why I don’t complain about gem choices as much as I do about a lot of other things. I get to keep my dignity AND save gems? Sign me up for the free option where the MC isn’t falling all over herself. :grin:


I agree with that a lot. Plus, it’s nice to make the LI sweat a little bit. I do hate how the outfit choices don’t seem to matter all that much, though.


I don’t have the beta for this story, but I’ll be honest with how I feel: him pinning her to the wall and still being the love interest makes me concerned - regardless of how he acts outside the scene or how she herself reacts in the moment.

Also, I’ll try not to touch on this further because it could easily waver into off-topic, but I’m especially concerned with how the “pin to the wall” animation is going to get used to hell and back in user stories with abusive, possessive male LIs once it’s released. We really don’t need more.




Yeah this featured story showed up for me this afternoon. I haven’t started it yet (I was very involved in the Limelight Wish List Thread! lol :blush:)
I also haven’t finished the non featured version of the story, I’m on episode 30 of 42. I’ll probably check this one out before finishing the original.


I agree.

Her next line is that for some reason she felt safe. Then she knees him in the crotch.


To get away from the LI’s creepy first impression for a moment…

Mine is called “For Love or Money,” which I think I like better. I definitely prefer my cover art, which I actually find quite cute.



This scene doesn’t sit great with me. Using language that connotes predator vs. prey imagery to describe an initial scene between two romantic leads (even though I think the intent is just for sexual chemistry here) always makes me nervous. Him physically cornering her doesn’t make me comfortable - at all.

They must be testing out different covers to see which one draws in more reads. I personally like this cover better too. It has a sweeter, more purely romantic look to it imo.