Discussion: In My Bed

So I wanted to get other people’s opinions on the new featured story …In My Bed.

The questions I have for you to help you ponder the story (you don’t have to actually answer the questions):
Do you like or dislike the story?
What do or don’t you like about the story?
What message do you think it sent?
Do you think the story is appropriate for most Episode readers?

Let’s just say the rules real quick.
This thread is not meant to attack anyone. It is meant to share your thoughts and opinions on Episode’s new story …In My Bed. Only talk about this story.

Photo stolen from Steph P.

I apologize if this is already a topic. I did not see a discussion for this story yet when I quickly looked.

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This can be closed. I see the new one now. @Jeremy

I must have cleared unread topics prior to seeing that one. I’m super sorry for that.