DISCUSSION: In the LGBTQ+ genre, is this inappropriate?

So, I’m already seeing loads of LGBTQ+ branch stories coming up in the LGBTQ+ sub genre. And tbh, this is rlly annoying me. I feel like this sub genre is small enough & the fact that authors r finding ways to try push their mafia stories on everyone is disgusting. There r loads of awesome stories on episode where the default mc is trans/pan/asexual etc. so for authors to add their story w only a branch for the LGBTQ+ community quite disgusting. Especially since in most of these stories the authors don’t even bother to change the pronouns. I feel bad for the LGBTQ+ members of episode bc I imagine most of the stories on episode r het romances. I find it rather inappropriate that authors r taking these spaces for their own stories. I’ve already seen lots come up & it makes me rlly frustrated especially since they only have a sub genre, it should b for proper LGBTQ+ stories, tbh. Like, do we rlly want a genre just full of female branch stories? No. Bc that’s not proper diversity.

Anyway, maybe I’m overacting. Pls share ur opinions on this. :white_heart::white_heart:


agree, I was conesidering changeing mine to give it a bigger shot at been seen, because MC is Bi, but I decide against it since its not a big part of the story.

but a lot of stories are in the wrong genre on episode.


Mafia stories have no reason to be in the LGBTQ+ genre unless the LI and MC are lesbian/gay or something, like actually apart of the LGBTQ! but if you’re using it to promote your story then don’t please! - A bisexual woman :smiley: :+1:t5:


People are already abusing the shelf? Smh, I am disappointed.


I completely agree, the new sub genre for LGBTQ+ should only be used for stories that have the MAIN PLOT (not side plot) as something related to LGBTQ+ (I.e = MC finding their sexual identity sort of thing). I don’t agree with Mafia stories being put in their at all since they often contain toxic STRAIGHT relationships that are not healthy for ‘young teens’ to be reading! They hardly ever have anything even related to LGBTQ+ in them anyway unless it’s the cliche of ‘Gay Boy Bestie Who Gets All The Girls :roll_eyes:’ or something similar. Just because it has an LGBTQ+ side character does not mean it fits the LGBTQ+ sub genre :tired_face: (:


Part of me is a little surprised the Top LGBTQ+ section isn’t full of female branch stories as you put it. Even if the story which was originally a straight/het romance had ‘a lot of thought’ in making a female LI version, truth is the LGBTQ+ aspect is still an afterthought.

It’s a kinda crappy thing to just put it in a genre with an already concentrated small pool, but I’m not sure at least some of the authors who wrote these and put them in the genre care, to put it cynically


In the story I’m writing, my female MC identifies as bisexual. I would never even dream of putting this story in the LGBTQ+ section because the fact that’s she’s bi doesn’t have much relevance to the plot, and the main storyline centers around a male/female relationship. I worry that people will put their story in this section primarily because their MC is part of the LGBTQIA community, despite the fact that it may be mentioned once and never explored again.
The branch thing is gross, when authors make a male & female LI branch but don’t even go to the effort to change all the pronouns, it goes to show that they added this for nothing other than brownie points. To then put it in a genre labelled LGBTQ+ when authors don’t even have the effort to portray it correctly is disgusting.


exactly. SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK. i haven’t even looked at the section because i know for a fact that i’m just gonna be greatly disheartened by the amount of stories with less than the bare minimum of lgbt representation being tagged in the lgbt genre. personally i think it’s outrageous that the genre has been placed under romance in the first place, but it’s giving ppl who aren’t remotely educated on the community the idea that if they include a branch where they change the pronouns for the male li, they’ve suddenly got accurate lgbt representation and can tag their story as lgbt for exposure … it doesn’t work that way :neutral_face:


You see this where I get confused. When this was first announced I felt as though stories that m/f options are not suitable for the sub genre. But I went to read today after not being on the app for awhile and I saw that the female LI version of Fiance for hire. Whilst the story was written originally for people who like men. I have never read this version of the story even though I am bi because I have already read the original and it would feel like a waste of time. I heard things were changed but I don’t know because as I have said I have never read it. So does it belong if the original story was written for a male LI? I want others opinions keep in mind that the story was doing well when I last saw it. And if you have read it has it been altered at all?



It is under Drama now. But they shouldn’t have put it there in the first place.


True, I even considered to keep mine out of it, but in the end I did change the genre to LGBTQ+ because of the main idea of you lover coming out as a trans and showing the process while other drama happens. Tho, lots of stories will be there for the opportunities to get seen, but aren’t centered around the topic. A shame that people do that, it could be a unique shelf otherwise.


somehow that’s even worse LMAO


I’m looking through the LGBTQ+ shelf as we speak and there are a few that deserve to be there but there are also quite a few that don’t and that belong in other categories. I’m not going to name titles or authors but here’s a brief summary of a few descriptions that don’t sound fitting to the shelf =

Brief Summaries

Story 1)

  • A murder mystery
  • Has a female mc & li branch but has the option of a heterosexual (straight) relationship
  • ‘Love’ between CIA agent & assassin despite certain distance
    My opinion = This story doesn’t match the genre & should be moved elsewhere!

Story 2)

  • Something about forgotten memories
  • Has the option of heterosexual (straight) relationship or LGBTQ+ one
  • Has the option of multiple paths
    My opinion = This is close to fitting the genre but because of the chance to have a heterosexual (straight) relationship, I think it should move.

These were found after looking in the shelf for only 5-10 minutes (:

These are MY OPINION others may have different views and thoughts on these stories, I personally haven’t read any of the stories on the shelf yet so I’m basing solely off of the descriptions of the stories (:


Disappointed yet not surprised.


I don’t think LGBTQ+ needs to be the main plot, but the MC must be from the community. Not as a result of a branch . As much as I love to see stories about finding your sexual identity, I think stories where the MC is already confident about their sexuality and just living everyday life as a lesbian, gay, trans, etc, would be awesome too.


Well, they listened. :grin:

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omg yes i long for a story where the mc is queer in a world where it’s completely normalised and not even a major plot point


Are people already putting stories with a female MC with 1 female LI and 12144 male LI in the LGBTQ+ section? Or stories where two men/two women kiss in the background for half a beat?


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I definitely agree. It’s kinda hard to concretely catergorize whether a story is LGBTQ+ or a story which just so happens to have an LGBTQ+ lead or cast, but it definitely helps to have a diverse set of stories and plots with a whole range of MCs in the community.