Discussion: Instagram for Episode

  • Do you have Instagram account for Episode? If no, why not?

I got Insta specifically for Episode. ^^’

  • What do you think are the benefits of having an Insta account?

Uh…pictures and stuff is cool I guess and it is a lot faster and easier than something like deviant art >.>

  • What do you dislike about it?

Social media. It is a social media. And a social media is a big dumb.

  • Did you notice any significant increase in your reads after you joined IG?


  • Do you have an IG account exclusively for Episode?

It is my only Insta ^^’

5.a. How do you make sure to keep it private?

I won’t make a personal insta >.>

5.b. Do your personal contacts still find you?

I actually took a lot of precautions to make sure as much as possible that they wouldn’t be able to find it or they would at least not know it is me >.> whoever that is.

5.c Am I just too paranoid? :smile:


  • If the Social Feed feature gets released to every Episode user, will you keep your IG account? Are there any features on IG that you would still need?

…I don’t know what this means at all.

  • Any additional comment you would like to share?

THIS IS THE THING I WANTED TO POST ON HERE FOR! So…I posted something earlier that I personally love and am very proud of on Insta, and for some damn reason >.> I have 57 followers…why? IDK, but anyway, I posted this thing, CERTAIN I’d lose followers, but…I didn’t. It is still at 57. As Jesse Lee Peterson would say, amazin’


Ma’am, stop lying :face_with_monocle:


You are quick to troll! Let’s update me original answers

I do now :frowning:

Still don’t have a personal one.

I feel like this is still true. I don’t want to be too active on insta though

I think I proved myself on this point actually… You can get featured without getting insta, you can get 100k reads without getting insta

Wow, look at my rant! I’d still like to be a advocate for non-instagrammers if that’s possible… But since I am a sell out and a nothing now, I’m not sure I can be.

I thought that’s what it would be, but I don’t even plan to comment anywhere on insta. I just want to see screenshots from readers so I can see how they CC’d characters and so I can tell what choices they picked.

Holy shite! I mean, I proved two of my own theories wrong… And I think the fact that we know have Tyler shows our forum thoughts are starting to matter, so maybe I’ve debunked three of these now.

Too early to say, but I think credit to my reads will never be due to insta, and rather the app itself.

Sorry Annie :pleading_face:


Well, I think it’s amazing you have it, don’t be ashamed of having it and you can do whatever you want on it :kissing_cat:

Comment as much as you’d like, advocate for others as much as you’d like even if they don’t have IG and heck, maybe you might start doing reviews on IG? Who knows? (BTW if you do, PicsArt is a good app to get stylish fonts free and a stylish background as well)

I admit I got really excited when I saw your account :laughing:

Even though you have IG now you can still stand up for people who don’t have IG because you have experience in that. Don’t say you’re nothing, you’re not! You’re so much more than you give yourself credit for :heart:

Warning about getting a personal one if you decide to do so - there’s some um, strange accounts that DM (direct message) you weird stuff like scams, and other bad stuff. Luckily you can reject to allow them access into your DM’s but they’re so annoying and almost always, their accounts are terminated. You can get these bizarre messages on your Episode IG as well but less when compared with your personal.

Remember not to like so many posts in so little time because Instagram may mistake you for a robot and then your account will “be hidden” AND you will need to confirm you are indeed human to get it back. People still do spam though and their accounts have never been hidden.

If you need help with IG stories I can send you a mini tutorial :nerd_face:

All in all, it’s fantastic you got it, be proud of it, and you can do anything that you want to do OK :kissing_cat: :sparkling_heart:


Huge congrats, I knew you can do it!

Come to think of it, I hope this is a thing now:

You can if you still want to, but I don’t think we deserve your support since it was our decision to live under a rock :smile:

Oh you totally will comment EVERYWHERE

What do you mean? I am a stalker and this gives me new dimensions :smiley: So what’s your Insta? :smiley:


Well, even if past-Amber thinks I’m a sell out, I hope other people see it is somewhat of an inspiration :laughing:

No joke, when it ticked over to 100000 reads, a notification popped up telling me to look at the payments section now that I was “close” :joy:

This right here drives me crazy because it was exactly what Past-Amber was talking about. You’re not living under a rock for not getting Instagram and you shouldn’t be made to feel this way.

I said sorry because… I felt like you and I were the main forumers who didn’t have insta hahahaha

@JemU776 awww I’m happy to hear you were excited. You were one of the people I first searched for.

And actually, since without insta, you can’t stalk people’s insta stories, I don’t think I’ll be using them because I want Annieways to be able to stalk me :grinning:

Reviews on insta? Omg no, my review thread is long enough hahahaha.

Sorry for the messy reply to you both, I’m typing on my phone. But thank you both for not judging me as much as Past-Amber is hahaha

And I really really won’t be commenting much lol. I’m going to treat it like how I treat everything else in life by making it all about me me me me me me me

Also it’s @amberose.episode and I haven’t posted anything so don’t stalk yet!


Thanks, I will!

  1. Do you have Instagram account for Episode? If no, why not?
    Mostly yes, if ‘for Episode’ means follow some Episode authors and review accounts, as well as awkwardly comment on some live-streams
  2. What do you think are the benefits of having an Insta account?
    It seems to be the most accessible, user-friendly social media. Fans or otherwise can easily interact with Episode users. The insta story and live-streams are a plus.
  3. What do you dislike about it?
    Nothing major in particular, so far at least. I Guess it depends on which accounts you follow, and more importantly what kind of users would usually comment on them.
  4. Did you notice any significant increase in your reads after you joined IG?
    I’m just a reader (for now :smiling_imp: )
  5. Do you have an IG account exclusively for Episode?
    As I said earlier, no. And it’s my only one so far.
    (5.a. How do you make sure to keep it private?
    5.b. Do your personal contacts still find you?)
    Not yet too sure on that front yet
    5.c Am I just too paranoid? :smile:
    I mean, it’s like any other platform. It’s better to be safe than sorry. That’s partly the reason why my posts so far consist of story screenshots. (And I’m even lazy for it lol)
  6. If the Social Feed feature gets released to every Episode user, will you keep your IG account? Are there any features on IG that you would still need?
    Hopefully? Certainly that Insta account would remain relatively the same, while I can use the Social Feed around the time I actually publish something. It would be weird for me if I made an Episode-exclusive account and picked up the Episode aspects of the original.
  7. Any additional comment you would like to share?
    Congrats to @amberose for the new insta! Not sure whether to start following her on my account or make an episode account just for that :thinking:

Thanks for the input, so if I understand right you are using your personal account for Episode? I think you are the first person saying this!

Are you working on a story? :eyes:

If you are working on a story anyway, why not create an episode account and follow @amberose on that one? :smiley:


There is actually a funny story about that :sweat_smile:. You know how in Official stories they sometimes have these scenes which you can send your pictures on you social media. That was me on Clueless. I’ve literally initially created my Insta on a gimmick! Long story short, I just so happen to use it to follow (lately) some Eurovision stuff and a family member. So it became general by default?

And on the story thing, I hope to release my first story for the Missed Connections contest (which is already a lot on my plate)! So then I did also thought about getting an exclusive account for episode. It’s just that I’m not sure how much that account would be connected with my current one, like would I have to act differently on it than my current one because I personally like to think myself an avid fan on some other Episode authors already. I can’t imagine what would happen … :disappointed_relieved:

Edit: Because of an earlier post, I made sure to keep my phone number out my current account for now


NAW :hearts: But don’t do either yet. I’m still a noob and it’s not pretty enough

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That’s great, good luck with your contest entry!

I’m not sure I understand what you mean here? Like fangirling much? :smile:


Basically yeah I’m a fan girl.


Well I think there’s nothing wrong with that. I keep trying to send fanmail to one of my favourite authors because I like her stories so much. I know she turned it off a long time ago, but I retry from time to time, just to double check :smile:

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Yeah, ya should fix that soon :joy:

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Nice! To put it simply, I’m not sure to keep my same personality I use for my current account for the possible Episode one such as interacting with the other authors I’m fans of

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I’ve considered it, and I Guess after my contest entry I can create the Episode insta account.

(Creating a new account seems a little scary to me. Is it supposed to be a business account or not? :sweat:)


Well, the OP has no idea, but she hopes someone can help here who knows stuff about Instagram?


Well, I don’t think mine is?


So you just come here to brag after having Insta for like 2 days? :smiley: