Discussion: Instant Princess by writer.LB



Thought I would start some discussions on stories that are my favorites or ones that are extremely popular!

STORY: Instant Princess

Keep these questions in mind!

  1. Have you read Instant Princess? (Mainly focusing on the Limelight version)
  2. Do you think the story flows well?
  3. Do you think the author utilized the gem choices well in the story?
  4. Opinions on the MC?
  5. What chapter are you on currently?
  6. How is the diversity in the story for you?
  7. What is your favorite moments from it?
  8. Is there anything you didn’t like about it?

If you were on Instagram last week there was a big uproar surrounding this story on release. This story was originally supposed to be featured, but last minute Episode changed their mind. They told the author they weren’t going to feature Instant Princess after releasing it to the app after throwing it on the BHM shelf (that was already out for a week) along with two other newly added stories. Many community members have been waiting for this release for awhile, so no one was aware it wasn’t featured until the author did a live chat about it. Unfortunately it come down to it now doing well with a test group on the app. Currently a few days ago Episode decided to feature it for a week. It’s currently up in the air but it personally does not seem theres any investment in it from the team. It hasn’t been promoted and it’s last on the list for Hottest Picks.

I love this just from the only three episodes released! I was so happy to see a non customizable poc! Not to mention a dark skinned black woman. She is also apart of the LGBTQ community. This plot is unique and refreshing for a featured story which is why it was so disappointing to see it not get the shine it deserved. I’ve replayed it three times for support. I hope there will be more episodes in the future despite the author not having the rights anymore. I just hope one day the community will get out of only reading one type of MC and story.

  1. I’ve read both the INK and LL versions.
  2. I do believe it flows well, but it is a bit predictable.
  3. I feel as if LB has used them the best she can, but I generally dislike gem choices that are purely cosmetic. I don’t like who often they appear. We get options for a new outfit every scene.
  4. The MC is pretty likeable. I don’t have many complaints.
  5. I’m caught up with both LL and Ink. (Chapters 3 and 13)
  6. LB’s stories are very diverse and it’s wonderful. I love embracing new cultures and enjoy minorities getting proper representation.
  7. I can’t really say. The LL one only has 3 chapters and they’re pretty short so there isn’t much to go off.

  1. Yes just limelight

  2. It is very predictable, but yes.

  3. Yes

  4. Haven’t read enough episodes to gain an opinion on the mc

  5. Chapter 3

  6. I love the diversity

  7. All of it is pretty amazing

  8. No not much


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