DISCUSSION: Interracial Stories

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like there’s a lack of or maybe not even any quality stories that feature interracial couples. I know that in some stories with and without CC, feature them, but I’m talking about the struggles of being in an interracial relationship. For example, the film Loving talks about an interracial couple wanting to change the law to get married.

Please let me know if you guys have seen any good stories featuring interracial couples. I also want to know about your thoughts on this :slight_smile:


i agree and on a side note i’d like to add that in general (both interracial and not) when there isn’t cc i hardly ever see men of color being love interests.


I think Rebounding with Storm and The Other Woman has interracial couples…? However you customise the characters but in default they are interracial.

Shameless self-promo but my story has quite a few of interracial relationships

So there was an Indian woman and a Swiss-American man (they broke up) but have a child together.

The Indian woman now is married to a Mexican man who are the parents of MC

MC used to date a half-Swedish and half-American guy. MC is falling in love with an Italian British man.

I am considering having one of the MC’s best friends’ brothers (he is Indian) dating another best friend

Haha whenever there is CC I make the couple interracial!

Also, I remembered another story: The Blank Page, the male MC is mixed and I think the LI is Caucasian.


Oh wait the story Hello, Stranger has an African American male love interest.

It just popped in my head now!


Thanks for the recommendations. It just gets extremely annoying when I don’t see as much interracial stories and mixed MCs. It’s not that I don’t like other stories without it, I just sometimes want to read stories that I can relate to.


Ah I get you and yeah I know what you mean - this is random but most of the guys who have shown interest in me have been outside of my race and I am usually drawn to men outside of my race as well. So I do have a soft spot for interracial couples :heart:

My cousin is married to a guy outside of her race and they are so happy together. I remember people complaining about the marriage but now they have a beautiful baby and are so happy!


My mother is Afro-Carribbean and my father is a white American. I have heard and seen the struggles of being in a mixed race family (from both sides). I just can’t believe the lack of stories featuring these types of families, especially with it becoming more common in the United States and other countries.


Preach! I know quite a few mixed race families and it is strange how they do not feature as much as they should! Me too, I have not experienced these struggles but I have seen some people get judged so hard for marrying out of their own race (I am an Asian btw - Bangladeshi). Yeah I know quite a few people who are mixed and it would be great to have more of those stories to relate to.

One thing I found hard was as I was growing up in the media there weren’t that many Asian characters/actors especially ones with dark skin. In some Indian movies, you hear how the guy rejects a girl because her skin is too dark -_- so I cannot watch those movies or else steam blows out of my ears!


I can relate to the media thing too. There’s loads of biracial (specifically half black half white like me) actors/actresses, but they often play full black characters (instead of casting actual black actors). I felt so awesome when in Spiderman: Homecoming and Antman and the Wasp, they featured biracial actresses with interracial parents in the movies. Representation matters and I think more Episode authors need to follow along.


I have a story saved on my Favourites called Angels of Bliss, the main couple being an African American woman and Caucasian man. It’s interesting since the woman had a history of cancer.

Not to mention Lilith Hill’s Bad Boy in Town


There are tons of stories that use mixed love interests and interracial couples because for some authors it feels safer to use a poc as long as a white person is attached to them in some way (it’s very rare to see representation for interracial couples made up of two POC of different races). It’s becoming a trend to have the appearance of diversity, and frankly, as a biracial person, I’m tired of seeing it because it’s inauthentic. As you asked originally, there are very few stories where the complexity of an interracial relationship or growing up biracial is actually addressed in the story. In fact, I don’t remember seeing any aside from one short story I wrote a long time ago on here.

But honestly, I think that if we want to see more stories with authentic representation where the complexities are actually addressed, those of us who either are biracial or in interracial relationships need to step up the game and do better at representing ourselves. I’m not going to ask others to do it for us because I’m tired of seeing it being fetishized and used as a “safe” form of diversity like we’re some kind of cute little props.

Disclaimer: I have not and cannot read every single story with an interracial couple or biracial person, so if anybody feels their portrayal is authentic and not out of fetishizing or staying safe/attached to whiteness, then clearly I’m not talking about your story and probably haven’t even see it so anybody feeling a need to jump at me defensively…don’t.


I think it’d be wonderful to have more interracial couples in stories. I actually never paid attention to whether couples were interracial or not until my last ex-boyfriend dumped me because I was a different race. After that, I noticed a pattern in stories where couples are of the same race or ethnicity. (this isn’t true for all stories but most I’ve read.) I definitely think that we should step out of our comfort zones and write more about interracial couples because who knows what we can discover.

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Angels of Bliss is one one of the mc’s is nigerian and the other one is white if I can remember clearly.

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I totally agree with you 100%. We need more interracial couples filled with two people of POC, instead of a white dating them or an asian. It’s sooo overused in many popular Episode stories, it’s becoming annoying. It’s like an endless cycle. I would like if people would be able to make interracial relationships. Like in my story, my MC is Aboriginal and Indian (Is Muslim as well), while the love interest is Black and Filipino. Even though I am not really interracial, it would be nice to see different couples of it.

My story has interracial couples, including Black/white, Hispanic / black, Asian/ black, and Hispanic / biracial. Majority of my characters are people of color. If you’re interested in reading it, it’s called Some Sort of Drama.

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My story is worth giving a read it’s called Some Sort of Drama. It’s a diverse group of characters with different types of interracial couples.


I plan on reading it. :wink:

Thanks! Hope you like it :blush:

I completely agree with you.
I think many stories do feature interracial relationships but just not between the MCs and I think that’s a shame because we don’t really get to follow their journey then. Also, the stories that do have interracial couples definitely don’t shows the struggles that can appear in an interracial relationship.


Definitely, even in real life, you don’t see as many interracial couples in media or general even as a person in an interracial relationship, it would be great to see more interracial couples and not your basic ones please okay!