Discussion: invite button in PMs disappearing


Hello, it is me.
Today, me and my friends found out that… THE INVITE BUTTON HAS DISAPPEARED!!!
We have been chatting on PMs like… FOREVERRRRR and now it has disappeared.

It also said that the max is 30 and can’t invite more even after making the PM.
I made a PM with 25+ppl but there’s no invite button?


pls tell if any of u get this too


IT’S THE END, A commit will hit the earth!!!


I don’t want anyone in the chats to get left out, in fact I’m so happy I’m still in them
I love you all and I want to chat with all of you


YEAHHH that’s why we need to not have the 30 ppl Max thingy


Alright time to settle this one and for all.

Should forums remove the max replies thing and max invites?

  • No…

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It’ll be better once I marry the forums!!!


Yass, my queen.


and then dump them in your attic


You’re marrying again? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hahahahahahhaah of course not I have a special spot


Just to save the forums.


Hmmm yeah sure. :unamused::joy:


Of course! I already have a soulmate my dear!


Good for you. Too bad you won’t let any of your children date. :joy:


Psh you’re sure right about that.


Not that I want to date but why?


Because I’m being too overprotective for no reason…I mean because I care and all yall need is yall mama.


And our dads. Oh wait, you didn’t let us know who they were!


Psh I’m perfectly able to take care of yall.