Discussion: Is there a difference between journal and diary?

Funny when I talk to someone, I tell them that I am writing in my diary and sometimes I say journal. Do you own a diary/journal? How do you start off these entries?


Eh… :grimacing:
There really isn’t a difference between the two for me. I treat them both equally.
I usually start out with the date and time. Either way I don’t want anybody reading my journals or my diaries lol.


Same here.

I usually start off diary entry of the day with “dear diary” and then update the entry with the time next to it.

For example,

Dear diary,

I don’t know what to say right now


Still don’t know what to write about


Right, I’m gonna call it a night

I don’t really write like that but this is just an example of how my diary entry looks like.

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I usually put in the header.

April 29, 2034. 12:14 AM

Then I will start writing until I get sick of writing lol. I always wonder myself if people called it a journal or diary. I just know that when people try to read my journal I get annoyed lol.

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Exactly like that lol. I’d take a picture of my diary entry to show you how it looks like but I will need to look for an entry that isn’t too personal lol.

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Same here. I haven’t wrote in my journals/diaries in years though.

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How comes?

I still do since I find it very therapeutic. I remember that one time, I was discouraged by people I used to be friends with since they think it’s a dumb idea to keep a diary even though I don’t think it’s a dumb idea because it is better than venting to someone that doesn’t care about you or writing a long ass paragraph on Facebook about how shit your day has been.

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I don’t know. I’ll write occasionally when I’m in the mood too, but those are rare times.

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Oh okies.

Anyway here’s an example of one of my entries that isn’t too personal:

Excuse my messy handwriting lol

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Lol, that’s how I have my headers too. You make me want to write in my journals again :new_moon_with_face:

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Hehe that’s what I do in my free time as I said earlier on, I find it very therapeutic. I have a collection of journals that I kept.

A journal is a diary pretending to be fancy



Some diaries have these dates (shouldn’t they be called planner) which have entries like this

“29th April 2019

Go to meeting”

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This is what I sometimes write in my journal.

a diary is more personal, you wirite in paragraph form. journal is used like a planer where you show your artistic side. you draw, use fancy letters, magazine cutouts etc. but you also write there your expenses, books you read that month etc. that’s how i see it.

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Depends. I see journals as professional. I mean, there are professional journals that are way more different tham what is expected. Diaries are more personal.

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Technically, I don’t think there is… but, most people use a diary for personal things you wouldn’t wish anyone to read. A journal, on the other hand, is more like a memoir of day-to-day activities, which are not necessarily meant to be private.

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Well there are lots of different types of journals but as for personal journals I really just think people prefer to call them journals because it sounds more masculine and less childish or whatever. I don’t think they’re really that different though.

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I guess calling diary is a British thing since we always start off with “dear diary”