DISCUSSION: Issues with cliche stories!


I have so many issues with a lot of stories and their cliches! Share some of your cliches here. (By the way, this means no hate on someone who does these cliches. If you don’t like it, then you can leave. Thank you.)

Cheating MC:
Personally, I hate when people cheat (in real life and stories). Like an example: I read a story where the MC has a boyfriend but she also falls in love with another character. And she fell asleep with the other dude! But of course, the boyfriend takes her back. Like bish, no. If I were him, I would have teamed up with the man and take all of her money. :joy: Plus, it’s really stupid of how the MC wants to sleep with the bully/chearleader’s boyfriend. Like girl, get your own man!

Love Triangles:
This is almost as worse as cheating. (But not really). It’s really stupid of how the MC falls in love a guy, then she kisses another guy, then she has sex with another guy. Then she has to choose who she wants to fall in love. Like what the heck? (I’m a lesbian by the way) But If a girl I liked had to choose between me or other girls even though she kissed/slept with the other girls before, I would’ve just left and find someone else. I love the story “Adrenaline” a lot, but I hate how the Liane ruined a relationship between a couple, slept with a twin sibling, then kissed/slept with another dude. That pissed me off, like who exactly are you in love with?? That’s why I dislike Liane a lot.

That’s what I have so far. Every other thread, there’s so many explanations! :joy:

Reply to this thread of any cliches that you hate. I won’t judge at all!


Omg ! Finally someone who understands me !

I want to cry so bad :sob::sob:


I personally hate the “bad boy/girl” and “nerd” romance stories. Like if you are smart and want to do work and get qualifications for yourself, you are a “nerd” who absolutely cannot be loved or be attractive to anyone. I find this really messed up tbh.


Preach, Detective !

To like To study should not be a turn off at all !
Just like girls should not follow a guy they didn’t know just because he has a bike. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Lmao, good point Detective. An MC who lives an academic lifestyle should not be seen as any less attractive than anybody else. If anything, I think having smarts is a desirable quality to have. :thinking:


I agree.

And some characters on Episode stories have To learn what self-esteem is… :roll_eyes:

What I saw on this app smh.
Just drop the lipstick and grab a book.


True that. :raised_hands:t2:


I know right! And then when the nerd takes off her glasses or whatever, she’s perfect. No, she basically will look the same without glasses. And what, she just realized that there are contacts? And there are things such as cute glasses.


I agree so much! I just generally hate the whole ‘nerd’ concept and I am super tired of people addressing other people as nerds just because they’re very clever, make an effort in school and possibly wear glasses. I simply can’t stand it!
I’ve always been quite good in school and occasionally I wear glasses (though mostly I wear contact lenses), and people seem to think that I am some kind of big striver/nerd. However, other girls from my school who are actually even better than me in school do not get referred to as nerds - why? Because they look frickin’ gorgeous. They’re tall, tanned and toned and they are top students who put a lot of work in homework and assignments. But do people think of them as nerds? No. And that’s the image that really gets my blood boiling.
I see it quite a lot in Episode stories to be honest - good-looking characters who are good in school and spend a lot of time working on their things, yet they are still popular and are not even considered being nerds. But less good-looking characters who’re just as good in school? Automatically considered nerds. I am furious.


So true! :raised_hands:t2:


Pregnant by X stories :roll_eyes::tired_face:


I agree about what you said about Adrenaline. I love that story so far, but it frustrates me that the MC doesn’t really fall in love with someone. I don’t like love triangles at all in stories because it can get confusing sometimes.


Tripped on the D.

Pregnant by accident.

I don’t know what protections are for.

Featured stories

"You’re about to have the night of your life with Kevin, your stepbrother/teacher/gang leader.

Do you want a condom ?

“Yes” {
It’s 3000 gems please
}“No” {

Chapter 2 - Oh, Darn ! I’m pregnant !



Lmao, I laughed out loud when you wrote condom :joy: :joy:


bump :slight_smile:


omg the nerd thing when the suddenly take off their glasses the look perfect, like seriously they look the same, and if you can’t see that, you should be the one with glasses lmao.


The mean girls trope. To be honest, it’s irritating me


A mean girl whose only goal is to sabotage the MCs life because they’re dating the guy who’s not her boyfriend but she has an obsession with. :roll_eyes:




Other story genres besides romance and Drama are being seriously abused…We hardly see any stories from those genres in trending…it’s sad😢 and ANNOYING😡